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How to Watch the Monogatari Series

So you want to watch the Monogatari series but you're taken aback by everything you've seen and heard of it? No worries, it's actually really simple.

I, myself, was once a simpleton. I was ignorant of the Monogatari series, maybe even completely blind. I couldn't recall whether it ever entered my vision throughout my years growing up watching anime, but I only truly took notice when Owarimonogatari (first season) was airing. The character of Ougi Oshino was ingrained onto my mind. Her character design was both creepy and intriguing and from watching a single trailer, I could tell that the art and animation was just as wild. I mean, Shaft is almost always like this but hey, ignorance is bliss. Was bliss, excuse me.

Anyways, I did some minor research and was taken aback by the scale of the franchise. There was so much I had to catch up to but upon hearing that the Monogatari series was actually a compilation of short stories, I thought I could just watch Owarimonogatari, e…

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