Konata Shimakaze Cosplay Review

Let's Review: Izumi Konata - Shimakaze Cosplay Version

We are back again with another review for the week! This time, a figure that I have always found to be rather interesting but, never really got around to doing a full review off. Mostly because of its quality, or lack thereof. Nevertheless, seeing as this was placed right next to the Aquamarine Shimakaze I reviewed earlier, I figured it would not be so bad to do a quick review of Konata. After all, what is the worse that could happen?

Before we get into the review, let us get some information out of the way first, shall we?
  • Product Name: Izumi Konata - Shimakaze Cosplay Version
  • Series: Lucky Star
  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Release Date: 28th of May 2015 (initial release), May 2016 (second release)
  • Scale: Non-scale
  • Height: 150 mm
  • Price: Varies (Prize Figure)
  • Material: PVC
Front View
Starting with a full body front profile, we can see Konata striking a very similar pose to the one Shimakaze does complete with her own variants of Rensouhou-chan. The first thing that really struck me when looking at this figure is the sheer amounts of blue it has.

Rear View
This is amplified further from the back, where the rear is entirely covered up by Konata's long blue hair. So, there really is not too much going on in the back of noteworthy interest. Unless you are a big fan of the color blue, especially in this shade, in which case you have plenty to be happy about.

Going closeup, Konata's facial and hair details are actually surprisingly well done. The matte decals for her huge eyes are applied well and the overt shading effect is very reminiscent of Lucky Star's art-style. Even the fringe, an aspect many prize figures mess up, is well done here too with nice sharp tips and an illusion of volume to it.

Colors are another strong suit of this figure with the blue really standing out and contrasting well against the bright white. Because there is so much blue going on, it is really difficult not to notice this figure even from afar. 

It is worth noting, the blue color used for both the Shimakaze uniform and Konata's hair are exactly the same. Whether this was an intentional decision by Sega or a cost saving measure is unknown to me. While the issue does not bother me too much, it would have been nice to see some degree of color variations as that would help breathe even more life into the figure. 

Because this is a prize figure first and foremost, there are bound to be several other cost saving measures implemented throughout the figure as well. The Achilles heel for this figure would, unfortunately, be the rather disappointing painting and material quality. But, more about that in the end where I wrap up the review.

For now, let us move on to the Shimakaze cosplay outfit starting with a closer look at the top. It is exactly as you would have expected it to be with the large bow, white gloves and cropped sleeveless blouse. Even the anchor tied at the end of Shimakaze's hair is present. It is a pity that entire segment is just painted grey though.

Moving further down, there is the prohibitively short skirt Shimakaze infamously wears coupled together with the red and white striped thigh high stockings. Evidently, there is some noticeable paint spillage in between the red and white lines and the application of the white paint does not appear to be thick enough. Rather disappointing.

At least the Rensouhou-chan(s) are pretty adorable and each one has some degree of variation too. For example, the one shown above is bespectacled. Honestly, I have yet to watch the entirety of the Lucky Star series hence, I am unsure if this is a reference to something within it.

The other smaller one latches onto Konata's hair just like with Shimakaze.

While the last one with the "Zekamashi" float, is looking mighty angry.

Two of the Rensouhou-chan(s) are permanently fixed onto Konata. Hence, you would not have to worry about losing them. The third, larger one is fixed to the base below so, no worries there too either.

What you do have to worry is about some rather obvious quality issues with this figure. Take for example, the rather weird neck joint. Prize figure or not, this figure has come harsh quality issues that are too stark to go unnoticed.

The painting, for one, leaves much to be desired with many areas being painted out of boundaries and paint spillage being a rather common sight. There is also the issue with the overall finish of the figure which can be rather worrying. The inconsistent shift between a gloss and matte finish causes the entire figure to look rather incoherent. Almost as if it was pieced together from different bits and bobs which do not quite fit together.

On top of that, the entire figure feels rather cheap almost as if a lower grade of PVC was used for the construction. While I have no tangible or quantitative way of explaining it, it is definitely something that has to be seen to be understood. 

In terms of uniqueness then, Konata scores a perfect ten. In every other aspect though, she falls well below expectation especially with what competitors are able to offer in the market these days. Which begs the question, should you get Konakaze? Yes and no. Yes, solely on the grounds of how unique it is because, how often are you going to come across a Kancolle x Lucky Star collaboration? No, if it costs anything more than 2,000 Yen. And that, is the final verdict.

If you any further questions about the figure, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Once again, thanks so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


  1. I feel like a dummy for asking this, but I just bought this figure at Anime Central this weekend, and it took a tumble off my shelf, and now the skirt moves. I dont recall if it moved before. Does yours move? Like, is it loose on her hips so you can pull it up and down?

    1. As far as I remember, the one I reviewed had a fixed skirt. Although, you probably shouldn't worry too much about as manufacturers tend to mold the skirt as a separate piece for figures.

    2. I hope you found that helpful. If you have any other queries, feel free to ask.

    3. Just an update, the skirt can actually be moved up and down a little with a little persuasion. So, no worries there, everything is still good.


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