Tiro Finale is Back!

After a long unplanned one month hiatus, Tiro Finale is finally back and this time for real. If you don't trust me, there's at least the bobble head Nozomi above to comfort you.

In all seriousness though, Tiro Finale is now back to work and ready to churn out content again. What happened earlier? Firstly, I had to move out. This meant lots of packing and this includes every single one of my figures which, let me assure you, was no simple task. I wonder how much trouble people with even bigger collections have. Following that, I had to unpack at my new place. Fell sick shortly after, putting me out of commission for 5 days. Right after that, it was onto a plane for an 11 day adventure to Tokyo. I'm back now though and so is Tiro Finale.

All that time gone by has not passed in vain though, as I've been recruiting new writers to add even more content, perspective and flavor to Tiro Finale's content. It was only a matter of time before I expanded. One year ago, I created Tiro Finale on a whim, very much as a hub dedicated to Tomoe Mami fandom with content largely centering on Mami figures and merchandise. Some time passed and I've since expanded to other avenues, namely Love Live and Super Sonico, and that's fine because what Tiro Finale has become was an outlet for me to express myself in this wonderful hobby that I've discovered.

One year down the road, Tiro Finale has expanded far more than I expected and I believe that it is time to take the next step by introducing new writers to the blog. It's no secret my scope is rather limited but, with new writers on the way, I hope to expand that horizon.

Thus far, only one new writer is confirmed with the other two still in deliberation and another one that I have in mind. With luck, Tiro Finale would have four new writers before the year is over. If not, well, you still have me. Either way, Tiro Finale will keep going strong. 

It's been one hell of a year for me and I'm sure, for many of you too. With only 2 days left till the curtain closes on 2015, I look back with great relief knowing that the year had turned out alright for me. Much of that would not have been possible without having Tiro Finale, a place where I come to express myself in a world where we struggle to find others who understand us. Tiro Finale isn't just a place where I come to write or post pictures, no. Tiro Finale is the place I come to find the strength to keep moving forward in life and move a step closer everyday to my dreams.

Ultimately, that is what I hope for every writer of Tiro Finale, new or to-be. Not to use this as a place just to write life stories but, the story of your life. Well, that will be all for today. Double content is up today with the next covering on the Promo UR Maki in SIF. 

Until then, have a nice day!


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