Nozomi's Spiritual Life Results

Apologies! I've been really busy as of late. As such, I haven't been able to update Tiro Finale as frequently as before. Even today's short piece comes 1 week late, that's how long Nozomi's Spiritual Life (event) has ended already.

All of that business culminates in a mad rush to make it into Tier 2 which I managed to but, just barely. I spent the last 2 hours continuously playing and spending Love Gems. Till the last second, I wasn't sure if I had made it into the Top 4500 or not.
Fortunately, I did and was rewarded with 4 lovely rewards. One love gem, an N Ayumi Torii, a R Kyoko Sasahara (trainer) and, most importantly, SR Nozomi!

This would be my second SR Nozomi meaning I was finally able to idolize her!

Bull's Eye! That's the name of Nozomi's Perfect Lock skill.
Behold! The newest center to my Pure Team and my first idolized SR Nozomi.
This is easily one of my favorite cards in School Idol Festival and I'm really glad my hard work paid off. She even says a rather funny line, as you can see above.

Alright, that's all for this quick update on Tiro Finale. Score Match 15 has started and it's all about Kotori this time. I'll have more info about that tomorrow and my plans for that event. Until then, hope you all have a great day ahead!


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