Score Match 14 Concludes

Score Match 14 has ended and after 10 days of grinding, where do I finally end up?
Comfortably at Tier 2 at 3405th Position. It isn't massively impressive but, it does guarantee me a very sweet reward.

This time, the cutoff was a 47,897 points for the 4500th position. Not too far off from my position in terms of points I might add. Just goes to show how close these things can be. Not wanting to leave it to chance, I spent an extra 1 Love Gem to bolster my position further up.
Oh, what were the sweet rewards I spoke of? Well, for starters there's 1 Green Scouting Ticket and the Event's N card. That's one guaranteed R and one Love Gem right there. Then to top it all off, another SR Eli for making it within the Top 4500!
I wasted no time to head for Special Practice to get my new idolized SR Eli and;
 Voila! The idolized Craftworks Version SR Eli! Doesn't her outfit just look extremely gorgeous?

This is how the card itself looks like. Pity SR cards do not have unique backgrounds unlike UR ones. Anyway, this marks my first idolized SR Smile card and it'll be the center of my Smile team until something else comes along. I have a feeling that's going to take some time.
To wrap it all up, here's the idolized version of the new N card Konoe Haruka. Turns out she becomes a nurse which is rather interesting to say the least. That about wraps it up for today's coverage of content. Thanks again so much for reading. Until the next time, have a great day!


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