Gashapon Gipsy Danger Gallery

Gallery: Gashapon Gipsy Danger

No reviews for today still, I've managed to take a few snaps of my newly acquired Gashapon Gipsy Danger. Got it on my second try and I'm extremely satisfied with it!
Front View
Rear View
Already you can tell that this Gashapon Jaeger is extremely detailed for such a little thing. I've included a little reference image above for comparison with the actual Gipsy Danger we see in the movie.

Gipsy Danger, America's finest Mark 3 Jaeger
Right View
Left View
Top View
Doesn't it look just like an American football player? Especially that helm!
As you've noticed, this particular Gipsy Danger comes with the I-19 Plasmacaster in activation. So awesome!
If I got this on the second try, what came first? Well that would be the Kaiju, Knifehead. You'll be seeing that soon, I hope.

"Let's check for a pulse"

Hands up!

400 Yen is more than what usual Gashapon costs but, it is so worth it

All Jaegers go through mandatory boot camp

Each part sold separately

I hope you've enjoyed this little photo gallery. I know it isn't much but, I did enjoy shooting this lil' big guy very much. Look out for Knifehead next!

Until then, thanks for reading and have a good day!


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