Ichiban Kuji C Prize Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode Review

Let's Review: Ichiban Kuji Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode

More robots? Yeap! This time around, we'll be taking a look at the SD Gundam G Generation - Ichiban Kuji C Prize Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode. Fuh! That's a mouthful so, I'm just gonna call it what it really is, an SD Unicorn. As the name states, this is one of the prizes awarded for the Ichiban Kuji "lottery" specifically the C Prize. The contents of the prize are Unicorn Gundam itself, a really nifty base and a really cool beam saber effects part. There's not much else to say about the mecha itself so, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. Onto the review!
Front View

Rear View

Action Shot

There's absolutely no articulation whatsoever as this is a completely fixed posed mecha but, that's expected. It more than makes up for it in the detail and finish department though. The pictures may not show it (my bad) but, Unicorn is finished in a nice pearl-like finish. While I do like the colour of it, the painting and consistency is rather average. There are quite a few areas where the paint is noticeably uneven.
Just earlier I was mentioning that Unicorn is well detailed and that shows at the back of the shield.
They've also done a very good job in ensuring that the gold doesn't spillover on the V-fin. Good job!
Not so good job with the eyes though. I have a firm belief that a Gundam's eyes are one the most important parts of the mecha. Hence, I always take extra care and time to make sure my Gunpla's eyes stand out the most. To me, the eyes send out a very strong message and adds tonnes of character to the mecha itself. Unfortunately, the paint used for the eyes here looked very dull and uninspiring. In fact, it took me a while to properly frame this shot for the eyes because otherwise, the eyes are very muted.
Did I mention the beam saber effect is really cool?

Because it is!

Here's another look from a lower angle. The backpack and feet are really well detailed! Plus, the blue paint used for Unicorn is a top pick.
NT-D System: Destroy Mode Initiate

Perhaps this angle better shows off the pearl-like finish?

Here's a closer look at the beam saber effect. Looks great but, it took quite a bit of work to mount the beam parts into the saber. This could have been a manufacturing defect as I had to use some tools to widen up the opening in the beam saber in order for the beam parts to fit.
Now, the beam saber itself. You can still make out the shape of the beam saber itself amongst all the flared up effects.
And now, the end of the beam effect part which neatly mounts to the base/stand. I must commend Banpresto on making a really nice stand. There's many different openings which allow for placing Unicorn in different positions or even with more than one Gundam!
That, pretty much wraps up today's review. If you didn't manage to get your hands on one of these during the lottery's draw, you'd still be able to find it online without much trouble. Prices do vary so, keep that in mind. If you find one at a good price, there's no reason not to get one. On that note, thanks for reading and I'll leave you with this long exposure shot of Unicorn.

Till next time, have a nice day.


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