Nendoroid Petite Tomoe Mami (School Uniform Version) Review

Let's Review: Nendoroid Petite Tomoe Mami (School Uniform Ver.)

Today I'll be taking a look at the incredibly adorable Nendoroid Petite version of Tomoe Mami which arrived in the mail for me not too long ago. I'm incredibly excited to get on with the review but, before that, let's cover some basics about this figurine. Standing just 65mm tall (2.56 inches), this figurine really lives up to its name of being part of the Nendoroid Petite series manufactured by Good Smile Company (GSC). Released back in February of 2012, Petite Mami can be purchased either, individually for 476 Yen or bundled in a set together with the other magical girls. Each girl has two variants available, one in school uniform and another in their magical girl outfits.  For today, we'll just be focusing on the school uniform Mami. Without further ado, on to the review!

Starting with the front, we can see Mami striking a demure pose fitting of her more mature personality. The limited articulation of her arms also allow for different poses, though this would be without a doubt my favourite. At a glance, we can see that GSC has done a very good job with the details and casting. More about that in a few.

Taking a look on the right hand side, we can see Mami's outstretched arm which allows for about 180 degrees of motion in a single plane.

Onto the left hand side, Mami's left arm is fixed in a right angle. Articulation on this side is rather limited, ~45 degrees of motion in one plane. Any more and the arm just pops off and it does this all too easily.

From the back, the connection point for the stand is clearly visible. It isn't a very tight fit but, it does a good job of holding up Mami just fine and remaining not too noticeable. With such an unbalanced proportion, you wouldn't expect Mami to stand upright on her own now would you?

Mami's facial expression and hair are all done perfectly as expected of GSC. No complains here, it's just too adorable.

The Mitakihara Middle School uniform is also perfectly detailed. The red accents on the blouse and white stripes on the skirt are amazing considering just how tiny this figurine actually is.

Even the ribbon at the back of the blouse is present! It's all in the tiny little details for this equally tiny figurine.

Mami's floral hair clips sit nicely over her signature "twin drills". The hair allows for a small degree of movement though, I'd avoid that to prevent it from getting too loose. Perhaps the only complaint I would have for this figurine is the seam running across the head. Although you wouldn't notice it most of the times, it still would have been nice if the seam wasn't so obvious.

I mentioned earlier that the arms have a limited degree of articulation.

You could have Mami stick her right arm outwards as if guiding someone towards their desired location.

Or from another angle, look like she is ready to shake the hand of a newly met acquintance.

Either way, I'll leave that up to your intepretation.

Move the arm backwards and you have Mami in a running pose of sorts.

"Can't be late for class >.<"

Maybe even make Mami proficient in Karate?

Or wave at someone in the distance.

Either way, Mami's giggling sure shows she is amused with all the various poses.


Having Mami invite you over for a tea party sure sounds nice doesn't it?

Before I wrap up the review, here's another look at the stand provided. It isn't much but, does a good job of holding Mami up just fine. Attempting to position Mami any other way then the intended usually ends up tipping the stand over.

To wrap it all up, I am incredibly satisfied with the Nendoroid Petite Tomoe Mami especially at the asking price. Everything from the casting, details and colouring is beyond satisfactory and GSC has made sure of it.

While I'm trying to get my hands on the Magical Girl version, I sure hope you have found the review helpful. Thanks so much for reading and look forward to the next review!


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