Summer Girl Scout (Kanan, Maki)

 Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale where we will be covering the first two Free Scout 11 for the Summer of Love Live 2018 celebration. Following the recent Summer Girl elections and its subsequent results, it was also announced that there would be free Scout 11s for the top three members of each group (Muse and Aqours). Here we are today starting with Kanan for Aqours and Maki for Muse. 

Just like any other scout 11 process, the scouting rates are as follows. 1% for a UR, 4% for an SSR and 15% for an SR. Unlike normal scout 11, the free ones do not guarantee a single SR. Though your odds are pretty good at 15%. 

What normally costs 50 Love Gems is now free for this limited period. How will things turn out?

Well, I can honestly say I have never seen so many Rare envelopes pop out of a golden scouting box before. Certainly not a good sign. 

Fortunately, one of the rare tickets transformed into the purple SR envelope. Perhaps the single guaranteed SR still stands?

The final result for Kanan, 10 Rares and a single SR. I will not complain as this was a free scout after all but, I can certainly imagine myself being very displeased with the results if I had to spend my hard earned Love Gems on such an outcome. 

For now, this copy of SR Valentine Kanan will be staying safe and sound in my Present Box until I unlock a second copy of her for idolization. Who knows when that will happen?

Next up on the list, we have the first place winner and Summer Girl representative for Muse, Maki-chan. Her free scout 11 conditions are identical to Kanan's down to the scouting rates. 

With only a single SR to show from the previous scout, I sure hope the results of this scout improves. 

Lots of pink envelopes but, a single purple one shines down hope. 

Two SR Maki to show for in the end. While not great, it certainly is an improvement over the previous scout and the odds of me having a second copy for idolization certainly is stronger for Maki considering I do most of my honor scouts on the Muse side of things. 

The first SR is a pure one, SR Pool Maki, and the also the first copy of this card. It certainly fits the summer theme quite well. 

The second one, SR Job Maki, is one that I am fairly certain I already have one copy of it. With that, I can finally idolize her without having to resort to my now dwindling supply of stickers. 

With only SR and R to show for this scout, I would not consider this foray at free scouting to be a particularly fruitful one. But then again, I never expected it to be judging from the scouting rates. Nevertheless, I did receive a repeat copy of an SR Maki which would bring some practical application to the scouting rather than just hoarding members in my member box.

With Maki and Kanan done, there are still four other members who have yet to have their free scouting option. And all of these are just one of the many events of the currently ongoing Summer of Love Live 2018. Hopefully, I will have better luck in the next few tries? Until then, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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