Plush Wishlist - Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Hanayo (Pajamas Version)

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for our first ever Plush Wishlist segment. It will be almost a year has since I was gifted my first ever Nesoberi. Ever since then, my collection has only seemingly spiraled out of control with several new giant plush being added to the list. After getting my third Mega Jumbo Nesoberi, I knew I had to slow down or stop entirely or I would run out of space to keep them. 

Well, that was until I was gifted yet another Mega Jumbo Nesoberi in the form of Rin-chan which has since me put me on a vindictive path towards getting another. This time, that would be the rice-loving, childhood friend of Rin, Hanayo-chan. 

Just like Rin and the others, Hanayo too is outfitted in her fluffy pajamas which, till date, makes them one of the most adorable Nesoberi(s) in Sega's entire lineup. But what makes Hanayo even more special is that the source material from the School Idol Festival game, has her depicted as an Ultra Rare card. For fans of the game, this is certainly a big deal as URs are the rarest of the rares when it comes to members in the game.

Normally, I would not consider myself to be much of a fan of Hanayo. But when coupled together with Rin, the two make for an incredibly adorable pair. Moreover, Hanayo's gentle expression in Nesoberi form is such a perfect compliment for Rin's hyperactive expression. Where Rin had her cat-eared hoodies, Hanayo has a lovely fluffy cardigan and headband which are in her signature colors.

As with any of these older Nesoberi(s), the trouble with finding them is often their rarity. With that rarity also comes a price premium. Where most Mega Jumbo Nesoberi may cost between 1,500 till 2,500 Yen. These exclusive pajamas Nesoberi cost upwards of 3,500 Yen and it is not uncommon to find them hovering around the 5,000-7,500 Yen mark. Those which surface at 3,500 Yen are often snapped up almost immediately. In a way, this does give me some form of relief knowing that there is still a while more in my hunt for the next Nesoberi.

But, if I do ever come across Hanayo's Nesoberi in her pajamas form, I may just have to kiss that hard earned 3,500 Yen goodbye. Until that day comes, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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