Tokyo Haze #4

The 4th day was Yokohama! A destination for even the locals.

Yokohama was definitely more of a sightseeing, relaxing sort of place. It was comfortable to walk in, the sights were great and overall, it was a nice, fresh relief over the otaku places that I was constantly hitting up.

That's not to say I didn't go to the otaku stores here; I certainly did (and even snagged a few things). But most of the time was spent walking and taking in the sights. As such, enjoy the gallery of photos.

The above building is the Red Brick Warehouse. It's basically a place that houses loads of stalls selling locally produced goods and various hand-made crafts. The place was pretty packed to walk through and had limited restaurants but it gave quite a great view over the pier.


Walking through the area and going through lunch took about half the day and for the second half, we decided to head to the Cup Noodle Museum.

The museum itself  isn't very big or particularly long so I reckon anyone should come by if they ever find themselves in Yokohama. I'm not much of a cup noodle person myself but it was certainly a fun experience.

If you ever get lost, remember this landmark. You can see it right outside the museum as well. It makes for a great view to end the night with!


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