I realise we haven't been posting consistently but I do hope you understand that December is very much a holiday season and while we try our best to post an article a day, life can very much set that back whenever it wants to.

However, I will make sure that for this new year at least, we can get a post up for the first day. And that post would be none other than the long-awaited Puchimas post!

P.S. I say long-awaited but it's really just me looking forward to writing more about The Idolmaster.

Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster is a spin-off manga series based on the ever popular Idolmaster franchise. This spin-off was successful enough to launch two animes, totalling 64 episodes and 74 episodes respectively. It should be noted that the Puchimas series features only characters from the original Idolmaster as opposed to having another spin-off featuring the Cinderella Girls cast.

What makes the Puchimas great? I'm sure some of you may recall our resident Tanya nesoberi or Dia nesoberi featured a while ago. You can read those if you're unsure what a nesoberi is but if you are, great! The simplest explanation for a Puchidol is a living nesoberi-like creature based off the Idolmaster characters. For example, where we have Chihaya, we have her Puchidol: Chihya. Where we have Miki, we have Afuu. Where we have Haruka, we have Haruka-san. No seriously, that's the name they gave her Puchidol.

Puchimas! is a super cute show featuring the idols and their respective 'doll' selves going about their daily lives and pretty much doing what they do best. While in the normal series, things are still grounded around reality, the Puchidol each have abilities and their adventures most definitely bring about the fantasy aspect to the series.

The episodes are short; lasting about 3 minutes including the ending song and preview. So while there may be a ton of episodes, you'll plow through them in no time. This is great for time management but horrible for the inner Idolmaster fan that you should be. I want more....

And of course, a short gallery!



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