The Dia Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for a very special haul post. As a follow up to our first edition of Diamond Rush, we have a haul post dedicated entirely to Kurosawa Dia and the various merchandise that our resident Dia-devotee, takuya, has carefully curated for his collection. 

While there may be some Mami merchandise in the background, pay those no heed as the bulk of this haul is indeed centered upon Aqours' third year member, Kurosawa Dia. In fact, the five rubber straps we have here alone are worth roughly 3,400 Yen! To put into perspective, that much money could actually get you 3 Dia prize figures. Understandably, there are fans who are put off by prize figures either due to their size or quality and this is where highly detailed rubber straps such as these come in. With normal rubber straps costing upwards of 600 Yen each, it is not too difficult at all to rack an expensive bill quickly.

Cost aside, one startling thing I must note is the level of consistency in Dia's design throughout all the rubber straps. Both character design and coloring has been kept very consistent for each of the rubber straps and this is notable mainly in Dia's eye color and facial shape. More often than not, character rubber straps tend to have quite a large variation in design especially if done by different manufacturers. Dia's consistency here could largely be attributed to the close window in which each one were released and they were all manufactured by the same maker. 

Despite being a seasoned Mami-collector, I cannot lay claim to having spent more than 3,000 Yen in a single go on Mami rubber straps. But given the chance, would I have done the same? Those are the sort of questions that keep me up awake at night as I have yet to come across the right answer. What about you, fellow readers? Would you have done the same? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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