New Love Live Snow halation Nesoberi!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for very exciting Love Live news! Two years after their Final Live and even more so since the final release, Sega has announced brand new Nesoberi plush for the original Love Live series. That is right, Honoka & Co. are back! And this time, they will be brandishing their Snow halation school idol uniforms in the huge Mega Jumbo Nesoberi form factor.
Slated for release this month (May 2018), the first two Snow halation Mega Jumbo Nesoberi to be launched will be Honoka and Umi with the rest likely to follow soon after. As with most Nesoberi, they will be arcade prizes which inadvertently makes them one of the more difficult prizes to win owing to their size and density.

But, that is not to say that there are no other means to get them either. If you happen to be Japan, you can certain to find them in hobby stores all around Akiba selling them. These stores usually buy entire boxes of these Nesoberi(s) from Sega directly to be sold in stores with prices varying depending on the popularity of the character and series.
Since this is the first new release of original Love Live merchandise (barring the recent Alter figures), it is safe to assume that launch month prices would be pretty high and even in the arcades, these crane machines would be fairly popular. This effect is further compounded by the fact that the members of Muse are now sporting their Snow halation outfit, one of their most popular song throughout the entire series. If I were to make a guess, prices at most stores should start at around 2,500 Yen and up for the release month. If you are lucky, maybe 2,000 Yen? 

As far as characters go, Umi and Honoka fans rejoice first and it is anyone's guess who will be featured next. If Sega are clever, they would like release them in pairings such as Nico and Maki or Eli and Nozomi. The latter of which I am very much looking forward to. That being said, if the promotional material is anything to go by, the quality of execution for this round of Mega Jumbo Nesoberi look very good especially with Honoka. This is not Sega's first foray into Love Live Nesoberi(s) and prior releases have helped them to nail the facial expression and outfits of this upcoming release. 

With that, I anxiously await the announcement of the other members in their Snow halation outfits. Make sure to stay tuned to Tiro Finale for all the latest updates on Love Live Nesoberi! Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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