SIF - SR Military Nozomi

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for some School Idol Festival content. This time, we will be casting the spotlight on the SR Military Nozomi that I have been long awaiting. Yes, I am aware that I am rather late to the party with the event having ended several days back. But, better late than never right?

The base card itself is a Cool SR with a Score Up skill. Nozomi's Score Up skill, Shout from the Heart?, distinguishes itself with a very low requirement (22 Combo) and a fairly high score boots (405 points). The trigger chance of 32% may not seem like much but, it is a reliable way to get a boost for every 66 Combo. With a Full Combo, 450 note song, you possibly are looking at a 2,835 point boost at the very least.

Of course, to get the best out of Nozomi, you first have to idolize her via Special Practice! This is where the real fun begins as Nozomi's idolized military outfit is so much more creative and cheerful compared to her rather simple unidolized outfit. Just like most of her outfits, Nozomi's signature color is also carefully incorporated into the military-themed outfit without becoming too overbearing. And the fact that Nozomi is baring her midriff is also a rare sight for Nozomi cards.

Once idolized, Nozomi can be trained up till Level 80 where her Cool Points then rises to 4,770. Couple that with the 500 additional Bond Points, and Military Nozomi becomes the 6th best Event Cool SR and 22nd best Cool SR. Her high base stat makes her ideal for Score Match teams players will want a combination of high base Cool Points and a Score Up skill to get the highest possible score in a single Live. 

Stats aside, the main allure of Military Nozomi has to undoubtedly be her outfit. While I am a much bigger fan of the idolized version, the unidolized version is not too shabby either despite playing it a little safe. The idolized version, on the other hand, has Nozomi in a much livelier mode and sporting just the right amounts of purple. The best part is neither of the outfits take advantage of Nozomi's bust as a selling point. When you are able to do that, you know you are on to a winner in terms of design.

All in all, I am very happy that the event has finally come to a close and I can add another card that I have been looking forth to in my collection for quite some time. More testing is required to see if Nozomi will be able to fit in with my higher scoring Cool members but, I believe she will be a useful member moving forward.

Next time, we will be taking a look at the Koi Ni Naritai AQUARIUM SRs that are rewarded as part of the ongoing Izu Mito Sea Paradise Cross Promotion Campaign. Stay tuned to find out which member will be featured. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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