Colourfull Collection Kongou Review

Let's Review: Colourfull Collection Kongou

It's time again for another review and this time we have Kongou! In the incredibly cute deformed form of the Colourfull Collection manufactured by Movic. Standing just 50 mm (1.97 inches) tall, this tiny figurine was released sometime late last year (2014). For just 700 Yen, you could buy a blind box and try your luck out or alternatively, fork out a little more cash and purchase the whole set. The contents are pretty straightforward, there's Kongou herself and a clear blue base.

Before we move on to the review, I'll just have to let it be known that I don't much follow the Kantai Collection series. I've yet to watch the anime, read any mangas or play the game itself. My knowledge is well, pretty limited to knowing the ship's names as well as a limited knowledge of their real life counterparts. With that aside, let's proceed with the review!

Front View
 Here's how it looks like with the clear blue base. Perhaps it is made to look like water?

Rear View
At the back, we can see the actual Kongou battlecruiser that the character is based upon. Colour schemes  aside, it looks fairly accurate with the armaments, the 4 turrets of naval guns.

Left View
For a figurine this tiny, I must say it is very well painted and detailed.

Right View
Even the thin red accents across Kongou's outfit is also very well painted on, a fairly impressive feat when you consider the actual size of this figurine.

The detailing and sculpting on Kongou's fringe too is very nice. The slight gap between the fringe and the forehead also helps add dimension to the entire figurine.

While simple, the facial expressions are done nicely making Kongou look really cheerful. It's really cute!
Closeup of the Kongou battlecruiser
The ship isn't just there to look good, it also ensures that Kongou doesn't fall on her back and is able to sit upright.
Pity the turrets can't be moved though. If it could, that would've been a really nice touch!
Bye bye!
At only 700 Yen, this Kongou is definitely worth it especially if you're a Kantai Collection fan. The details, painting and colouring are all done perfectly. But, if you are a fan, you'd most probably want to get the whole set of 10 in one go wouldn't you? Pity then that it is only sold in sets of 9 making the whole set more difficult to go. Those money making schemes! Overall though, Colourfull Collection Kongou still comes highly recommended!

And that wraps up the first Colourfull Collection review I've done for this blog. The first but, certainly not the last as another Coloufull Collection Kongou review is coming up soon. Which one will it be, I'm sure that's fairly obvious. 

Until next time, thanks for reading and look forward to the next review!


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