Ichiban Kuji Kyun-Chara Kirito SAO Review


Let's Review: Kyun-Chara Kirito SAO

It's time for another review and this time we have Kirito from Sword Art Online in Kyun-Chara form! This would be the first Kyun-Chara I would be reviewing and that's thanks to a good friend of mine who allowed me to photograph and review his collection. I don't otherwise collect any SAO related merchandise. Kirito is well known enough and I needn't explain who he is but, what this cute little figure is, I think deserves some introductions. Kyun-chara(s) are a line of deformed figures manufactured by Banpresto and are commonly obtained as Ichiban Kuji prizes. This Kirito is no exception being a H Prize from the SAO Stage 1 Kuji. Standing approximately 100 mm tall (3.9 inches), this figure was made available sometime in March of 2014. That pretty much covers all of the introductions, onto the review!

Front View
In front, we have Kirito in a fairly standard pose wielding both Elucidator and Dark Repulser. The swords aren't fixed so, you can actually remove them if you so desire. Very useful when it comes to cleaning.
Rear View
From the rear, we can see the scabbards for both of Kirito's swords placed in a crossed fashion which looks pretty neat.
 The stand included holds Kirito firmly in place although, it can actually be removed and Kirito would still firmly thanks to the pegs on the base which mount into his feet. Something I only, embarrassingly, found out after I had finished taking the photos.

Starbust Stream?
Elucidator Closeup
Elucidator is fairly well detailed with the silver/gray outlines being done neatly and the sword's proportions fitting well with the rest of the figure. The only thing missing would perhaps be the emblem located at the tip of Elucidator.

Dark Repulser Closeup
While I like Elucidator better in SAO-verse, the detailing on Dark Repulser for this just tops that of Elucidator. The colour is nicely reproduced and the best part is the surrounding of the blade which is clear coloured to emulate the crystal finish that the original Dark Repulser had. Awesome!

Weapons aside, how does the main attraction Kirito look like? Well... He looks like Kirito and that alone is pretty standard affair. Kirito doesn't look particularly unique and reproducing it is a rather simple feat.

Strike a pose!
Perhaps you have or have not noticed but, this figure shares the same problem many deformed figures face, the head seam. Kirito is no exception with a fairly obvious head seam running across his hair. 

Elucidator and Dark Repulser are crossed on the base with Kirito's name written on it. Neat!

Besides the weapons, Kirito's dark garb is also faithfully reproduced. The white detailing is done well enough and helps put the figure as a whole together much better.
Kirito: The Dark Swordsman

I don't own a single Kyun-Chara but, now I feel like owning one. I'm mighty impressed with the level of detailing and quality of casting that this figure has and what more from a H Prize, the lowest possible prize. While I'm aware that Kyun-Chara go all the way up to B Prize, the quality improves as well as the prize moves further up the ranks. Which Kyun-Chara am I aiming for? Why, of course it's the J Prize Mami from the current Rebellion Kuji!

Once again, thanks a lot for reading and please look forward to the upcoming reviews. There are many more coming! As always, have a nice day!


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