Tomoe Mami Bath Towel Version Preview

Just when you thought yesterday was the only new thing that I had gotten, the Mami love/fandom continues with this new arrival. Fresh from Wonfest 2015, I'm extremely excited to give you a preview of the limited release Tomoe Mami Bath Towel (Wonfest) Version.

I've yet to unbox it but, just by looking at the packaging and through the clear cover, I'm really satisfied with what they've got going for this figure. Gotta say, this was one of my favourite scenes in the movie (fanservice much?) and to see it being materialised in a 1/8 figure is such fantastic! I can't wait to start shooting again and post up a review of this beauty as soon as I can.

And what makes the Wonfes version special aside from the earlier than usual release date? Well, it comes with Mami's favourite milk bath salts. Honestly, I didn't jump the gun just for the bath salts but rather the oppurtunity to secure mine earlier than most. You can say that I'm extremely satisfied with this year's Wonfest.

It's not much but, I hope you enjoy this little preview of Mami in her bath towel. I'll try to keep up more teasers of it in the future building up to the review. Until then, have a fantastic day!

Factual correction: I mentioned in my previous post that Mami was the only one of the 5 girls to have a 1/8 swimsuit version. Turns out, Homura too has a 1/8 DreamTech swimsuit version. My bad.


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