DX Figure 6 Sakura Kyouko Review

Let's Review: DX6 Sakura Kyouko

As promised, today we have a review of yet another Kyouko figurine! This time it is Kyouko from the DX series Volume 6 by Banpresto. Just like the Mami DX Figure I reviewed last month, this one too is a prize figurine from arcade centres and the likes. Although, just like Mami, Kyouko (and pretty much all other DX Figures) can be found online. I'm unsure about the availability though as this figure itself does not belong to me but, instead a friend who kindly loaned it to me for review.

Enough about that, let's move on to some information about this Kyouko figure. Standing 160 mm (6.3 inches) tall, this figure was released in April of 2012. In the package, you'll find Kyouko herself and a simple base, and that's pretty much it. Let's not drag on any longer and move onto the review.

Front View
Starting of with the pose, Kyouko is in a much less serious pose this time around with her teasingly pointing her finger outwards. It is a pleasant pose which suits her character very well.

Rear View
Moving on to the back, are the more dynamic looking parts of this figurine. These are Kyouko's hair and the back of her dress/outfit. It all flows very nicely to give an illusion of movement and I especially like the hair. It is not just well detailed, the colouring and tones on it too are well done.

Right View
Left View
Overall then, the the colours are pretty good with an accurate reproduction of Kyouko's colour scheme. The most I'd be able to nitpick is most probably the "sleeves" which could be a slight lighter shade of gray.
I think Kyouko's chest looks really weird here, I don't know why.

While the colours may be good, the consistency of the painting isn't exactly spot on. For example, the picture above shows some white detailing spilling over specifically around the neck region.

Some manufacturing seams visible here and there, quite unfortunate really.

I mentioned her hair looked great and it would have been a pity if I hadn't taken another picture highlighting that.

Another favourite part of this figurine, aside from the hair, is the lower part of her outfit. The point where the overcoat splits out to reveal the dress below is given a clear separation. This really helps to add to the impression of volume and flow. Top points!

The "movement" translates to the back of the outfit nicely too!

Unfortunately there's another pretty obvious manufacturing seam running down the lateral side of the outfit.

I had gone on nearly the whole review without talking about Kyouko's facial expression or even a close up picture of it. Well, fear not, as now I am.

I would say the expression is pretty standard affair. It definitely fits Kyouko but, isn't anything to particularly get excited about. What is very impressive though is the detailing done for her sharper tooth which stick outs.

I mentioned before in my previous reviews that I really liked the DX bases with their simple designs. Just having their names written with a simple pattern bordering their Soul Gem. Even now, I still like it, although perhaps not so much with Kyouko. Maybe because the design doesn't fit her character?

Let's not forget the lower half either. Kyouko's knee length boots are actually finished really well. The sigil in the front is painted nicely, the folds at the top have good continuity and the slight crease where the boots bend make it look much more realistic.

What's Kyouko pointing at? Perhaps that's going to be the next review piece?

Or maybe she's just pointing at you?

A Kyouko figurine with a nice pose, good casting and colours let down by slight painting inconsistencies, that line would pretty much sum up my review for this figurine. To me, DX Figures rarely have that special or unique factor that you'd be looking for but, that doesn't mean they're bad either. Don't get me wrong, they're good, just not very special. 

Thanks again so much for reading and I hope to see you in my next review. Have a nice day!


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