Nendoroid Petite Sakura Kyouko Review

Let's Review: Nendoroid Petite Sakura Kyouko

A quick review for today which we will be taking a look at the Nendoroid Petite version of Sakura Kyouko from the Puella Magi series. I've always thought that all the girls for the Puella Magi series looked really cute in the Nendoroid Petite series so, as you can tell, I'm pretty excited to have the opportunity to review this petite figurine! Beginning with the introductions, this figure stands 65 mm (2.56 inches) tall hence, the little. Methods of obtaining it include buying an individual blind box or the whole complete set. Although it was released back in 2012, finding it around is still relatively easy whether in blind box or opened form. Keep in mind though, it would still set you back about 600 Yen for one. With that aside, let's move on with the review

Front View
As you can see, we have Kyouko here in her casual outfit as opposed to the other girls who are in their school uniform. From just a quick glance, the colouring appears to be really good. Taking a closer look, the tiny details such as her shorts help confirm that thought.

Rear View
Kyouko's hair just looks really awesome in this Nendoroid Petite. It is more than half her length but, still looks perfectly proportioned. One of my favourite parts of the whole figurine.

Aside from the casual outfit, the other Nendoroid Petite version of Kyouko is her in magical girl form. Similar to the casual outfit, the magical girl version of Kyouko stands out from the rest by being the only one who wields a weapon or more specifically her spear.

Don't you think the gap in between the colouring of her teeth looks weird? I sure think so.
There's not much in the way of detailing as the casual outfit is rather simple in design. What is nice is the way her hoodie flows giving an illusion of volume.

Just like the other Petite(s), Kyouko to has a stand which helps her stand upright. It is the same clear stand which mounts into her upper back. Notice the continuity of the hoodie?

What better expression for Kyouko is not this?
Another worthwhile addition to the collection, that's my conclusion for Petite Kyouko. Even more so if you are a fan of Kyouko! While it might look tiny next to other figurines, it is no less impressive and worth every little bit of space on your display shelf.

I wasn't kidding when I said short review huh? Anyway, thanks so much for reading and look out for future articles. Till then, have a nice day!


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