Forever Friends: Story 1

The last I time I updated Tiro Finale was 17 days ago on the 3rd of September. In those past 17 days, I got very busy with school then, sick and busy again. But, there's only so long that I can afford to leave Tiro Finale inactive! Well, I am still busy as a bee but, with the new School Idol Festival event up, I just had to take the opportunity to document it. This time around, it's a School Idol Diary entry for Umi entitled "Friend Forever" and it runs from the 16th to the 25th of September. I much prefer the original Japanese event's title, 幼なじみの2人, or literally The 2 Childhood Friends.

Oh, not to mention, in between then (the Maki event) and now, there was also a Honoka Score Match event. Alright, without further delay, here's Story 1 of this 5 part School Idol Diary entry for Umi.

Honoka running away from home? That's unexpected! I wonder what happened, I've yet to proceed past the first entry. Score wise though, I'm already up to the fourth story entry which puts me in a good position points wise. The best part is I haven't had to use any Love Gems yet so far, perhaps I won't have to for this whole event. For now, I'm doing pretty good and I'm not aiming to tier very high in this event. Just the base SR Umi would do.

I'm saving up my Love Gems for the next Nozomi event where I definitely want to score highly there! Alright, that's all for now. So glad I can get back to updating Tiro Finale. New content will be up again tomorrow as usual but, with my busy schedule, there may be an unexpected delay or too.

Until then, thanks for reading and hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


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