Kyun Chara Super Sonico B Prize Review Update

More than half a year on the initial review, I finally have one to call my own. My very own Kyun Chara Super Sonico finally un-boxed and ready for a review update. This time in a more controlled environment where I'll be able to showcase more of the figure's details as well as other little things that I missed out on in the initial review.

In case you haven't read the initial review you can check it out here before moving onto the update version.

Front View
As usual, with every review, we'll go through all the four basic views only this time with a white background instead. 

Rear View
Much of the rear view is taken up by Sonico's hair. Fortunately, the head is a removable part. Hence, I'll be able to show you more rear details in the coming pictures.
Right View

Left View

A closeup of Sonico's facial details and she still looks extremely adorable with those huge pink eyes and down-flowing bangs.
Sonico's hair too maintains a very good color gradient with it still being light pink all the way to the top and not turning white like the ones we usually see in arcade figures.

Sonico's headphones are still very well detailed and colored. This most probably has to do with the headphone's large size making it easier to finish in good quality consistently as compared to the considerably smaller ones featured on the larger scale figures.

Aside from that, the headband for her headphones also do a very good job in covering up any head seam. One of the many reasons why I adore Sonico figures so much!
Another detail I wanted to highlight was the color-toning of her hair. Towards the end, there's a really nice pink tone pattern which adds a really nice touch to an otherwise simple component.

In this pose, you could almost imagine Sonico going ぽわわ!

Doesn't Sonico just look extremely adorable? Especially with the way her fringe wraps around her face, it is such an awkward yet cute look.
Now, onto a closer look to Sonico's Gibson "Daydream" electric guitar. There aren't any strings on it, that would be asking for too much. Otherwise though, it is very well detailed (as I've mentioned in my original review). The heart shaped markers on the fret board still remains to be the nicest touch. Unfortunately, because of the size of the guitar, do expect to have some painting discrepancies here and there. For example, the painting on my Sonico's guitar isn't as good as the one I reviewed earlier. Nevertheless, this are really minute details that you wouldn't notice unless you are scrutinizing.

The buckle and strap are still there as well and they're both well painted especially the silver buckle. Note the cure tail coming out of Sonico's Parka.
In my initial review, I mentioned how Sonico's guitar appeared to be suspended in space. That's because, upon unboxing my own, I realized the guitar is actually a detachable part. This allows it some degree of movement or to be removed altogether. Of course, in order to remove it you'd first need to remove the head and use some gentle persuasion to maneuver the strap out.

When you're done with that, you'll be able to appreciate the finer details of Sonico's outfit. Namely the tiger motif on her tee as well as the guitar necklace that she wears. Even the orange inner lining of the Parka has been reproduced.
Moving to the rear of the outfit, there's the adorable little tail which sticks out;
And the cat-eared hood too!
Wrapping it all off is her skirt and boots, both of which look really nice.
The base is a simple round one with the blue "Super Sonico" logo placed on it. Two pegs securely fasten Sonico to the base and a third support brace is provided but, for the most part, that isn't necessary.
Coming to the end of the review update, has my opinions on this Sonico figure changed? Well, not much at all and if there was it would certainly be for the better. After having the privilege to go through a number of Kyun Chara figures, this certainly comes out top in terms of sheer quality and detail. Definitely befitting of the B Prize title it served for Sonico's Ichiban Kuji.

The best part of it all, despite dwindling stocks, it is still very affordable. I managed to get mine for 600 Yen although, prices have gone up to as much as 1,200 Yen. Almost twice the initial price but, still very much worth it. With that, I shall wrap up this review update with a continued recommendation of this figure.

Until then, thanks so much for reading and I hope you're having a great day!


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