Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara Super Sonico

Let's Review: Kyun-Chara Super Sonico

It is time again for another Super Sonico figure review! This time we'll be taking a look at the Kyun-Chara version made available as the B Prize for Sonico's own Ichiban Kuji. I believe this is one of the earlier Kuji for Super Sonico even before the anime was released. Is this cute little deformed figure mine? Nope, as you can see from the background, this is another "loaner" I got to review from a good friend of mine. Hopefully, I can get mine soon but, sourcing an affordable one online will take some time.

Onto the information, this Sonico like every other Kyun-Chara figurine stands roughly 100 mm (3.9 inches) tall and is manufactured by Banpresto. Part of Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji, the lottery began in December 2012 and the Kyun-Chara figure was made available as the B Prize. Take note that this isn't Ichiban Kuji Premium but, instead Ichiban Kuji 600 (denoting the cost of 600 Yen per ticket). Hence, the allocation of a Kyun-Chara figurine as a B prize. The A Prize is still a very nice fix figure though! That's all there is for the info, let's move onto the review.

Front View
From the front we can see Sonico posing with her personal red Gibson SG "Daydream" while giving a very lovely smile with an outstretched right hand. Kinda like she's saying "Yay!".

Sonico stands on the plain white circular base which we've come to see most Kyun-Chara figurines use.

Rear View
From the back, there's the stand which helps further stabilize Sonico as, you know, deformed scale figurines have the tendency to be very top heavy. The stand mounts into the base and supports Sonico firmly into place by holding onto the back of her hair.

What happens when you remove the stand? Not much really. Sonico is able to stand just fine without the aid of the stand. The pegs in on the base are both securely mounted to her feet which contributes to the stability. Because the stand is a rather obvious, the rest of the review will be without it.

Left View
Besides the headphones and Gibson electric guitar, there's another trademark Sonico feature that this Kyun-Chara figurine hasn't left out either.

Right View
And that's the Tiger Hoodie (aka Tora Parka) that is perhaps one of Sonico's most well known outfits if not her most. The detailing on it is faithfully reproduced too but, more on that later.

First let's talk about the facial expressions, how does it fare? They're pretty nice to say the least. Sonico's huge eyes and a big smile are a nice combo. While I would prefer that the eyes have a brighter color, it still works just fine. Instead of just pasting on a smile with a decal, her smile is actually sculpted on. Plus points for detailing and sculpting right there!

Floating guitar?
Some angles may hide it but, it is mostly rather obvious that Sonico's left hand isn't holding on the guitar. In fact, there's actually quite a noticeable gap between the two. So, how the guitar remains suspended in animation like that is anyone's guess. Perhaps Sonico can generate her own gravitational field? 
It is not just the hoodie, her black skirt and brown boots are there too. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the legitimate Tora Parka outfit.

Speaking of which, check out the detailing on the hoodie! It isn't just the pattern which is reproduced, even the little tail which sticks out at the back is there too. In case you're wondering, the answer is yes. Even the hood with the ears are there at the back. Unfortunately, it is obstructed by Sonico's hair.

What about the finer details? Well, look no further than the detailing on the guitar strap then. The little silver buckle and connection point at the guitar are all neatly painted. Not only that, there aren't any visible manufacturing seams anywhere on the figurine, which in my book is a very good thing indeed.

Best way to cover up a head seam? Headphones! Genius.

Not much of it is seen but, the head seam is still there. It is just very well covered up by the headphones. The headphones are, of course, not removable.

Facial expression, check.
Outfit, check.
What's next? Daydream of course! Super Sonico's custom Gibson SG electric guitar is  really really well detailed. Everything from the control knobs, fret lines and tuning keys are all neatly painted silver. Keep in mind how small the actual guitar is and then things come into perspective. Then there's the marking on the fretboards which are the small silver hearts. It's a slight variation from the original rectangle markers but, a welcome one. At the end of the day, it's these little details which ultimately add up.

What does the base say?

Super Sonico of course!


Can't go a whole review about a Super Sonico figurine without mention of her headphones, Sonico's one most defining feature.For this figure, the usual silver finish is done rather nicely. It isn't a perfect smooth metallic finish but, at least it isn't rough and clumpy. The size is just right too.

The color gradient of Sonico's hair is spot on! The color doesn't shift to drastically nor is the tone difference from one end to other too radical. You can definitely recognize that her hair is pink rather than some off-pink/white color.

She sure looks happy doesn't she?

Kyun-Chara figurines hardly ever disappoint me. Like Nendoroids, these deformed scale figurines pack so much attention to detail in such a small package. This Sonico figurine is no different, proving indeed that nice things can come in small packages. Now, if only I can get my hands on one.

Until then, thanks a lot for reading everyone and have a great day!

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