DX1 Tomoe Mami Review Update

Looking back, I wasn't particularly pleased with the photos for my original DX1 Tomoe Mami review. The background tended to be too dark and certain shots weren't as sharp as I'd preferred them to be. While contemplating on what to review next, I decided on re-visiting this particular Mami figure. This time, with the aim to take cleaner sharper shots to expand upon the original review.

I hope the photos this time around are better. To me, they're not perfect just yet but, definitely an improvement over the original. I'll let you be the judge, where you can compare it to the original review here

The head seam really isn't too visible

Just in case you forgot who she is.

Mami sure has good posture

Do you think Mami's ears are too big?

I'm still trying to hunt down the school uniform version of the Mami DX Figure but, with no luck. Unfortunately, I've missed it twice and I don't intend to miss it the third time. Nevertheless, I'm pretty fortunate to have the magical girl version as they're starting to get pretty rare and prices seem to be shooting up too.
I wonder what Mami is thinking about...

2 and a half curls, just like every other Mami figure. Gotta get it right.

The detailing on the corset is really nice although, the ribbon still looks a little out of place

The white ribbon at the back is a little detail I always like to photograph for reasons unknown

There's a faint manufacturing seam running in the middle of Mami's left arm

Yeap, still pretty huge

Do you feel like getting some tea now?

I really enjoyed taking these new batch of photos while I contemplate which Mami figure to review next. Perhaps you can help me make that decision? In the meantime, perhaps I might do a 360 degree view of this. 

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!


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