Deformed Figure Atago Review

 Let's Review: Deformed Figure Atago

I previewed it a few days ago and it is finally time for the review of Ms. Pan-Pa-Ka-Pan! This adorable deformed figure is the latest addition to my figure collection and my first Kancolle one too. I'll keep this review short as there isn't too much to talk about for this Atago figure.

Released this month (April, 2015) by Taito, Atago is part of the KanColle Deformed Figure collection. Now in its third volume, this current collection consists of Atago, Kongo and Wo Class. Those 3 are usually bundled together as a prize figure although, you can buy it off the shelves too. As for Atago herself, she stands just 65 mm (2.54 inches) tall and comes per-assembled except for the base. With that aside, let's move onto the review!
 Beginning with the front, rear and side views to give an idea of what Atago looks like.

Front View
From the front, we have Atago in her signature blue fleet outfit that she shares in design only with her sister ship Takao. Although, Takao sports a shorter skirt compared to Atago's long one.

Rear View
Atago's blonde hair covers up most of the rear. I always wondered why Atago is blonde considering how Takao has black hair and they're sisters. She certainly looks nicer with blonde hair though.

Side View
The head seam is quite noticeable from the sides. The cap does help cover up half of it though.

Unlike usual deformed figures, like Kyun-Chara figures, the Taito Deformed Figure series do not have very large heads. They're still big proportions wise but, they're noticeably smaller than all other Chibi figures.

Atago's facial features are pretty cute! Her eyes are the blanked out kind and this is consistent throughout the Deformed Figure series. Unlike the more realistic eyes that Chibi figures tend to sport these days, I like this approach. Almost reminds me of the Medichu figures.

In terms of finish, the decals are nicely applied and the matte finish of her blonde hair compliments her facial expression quite well.

Atago's outfit is immediately recognisable with her predominantly blue color scheme. There's nice little details like the white lining and bronze buttons and collar lining. While the colors are spot on, the painting isn't perfect and the consistency does leave something to be desired.

Especially around the edges, the paint spillage is rather noticeable and the finish looks rather uneven as well.

I think Atago's neck looks too long

The checkered pattern badge on her cap is also present. The only discrepancy is the original art has four squares while this has six, just a minor variation.

2nd of the Takao-class, Atago!

Atago mounts to the base via a clear stand which connects into her hair rather than her back. It gives a more seamless look although, it can be pretty difficult to install as it is quite an awkward position.

Notice the slight stain on Atago's left arm? That's some glue left behind from the manufacturing process. Only noticeable when you pay real close attention, which is good. Otherwise, it would be too distracting.

There's a noticeable shoulder seam too, it doesn't mean the arm can move though. It is glue in place.

Nonetheless, it is still pretty darn cute right?

Despite all its little flaws and shortcoming, this Chibi Atago is still extremely adorable. If you're able to get her for a good price, I would definitely recommend getting it! Right now, you can get the three of them (Atago, Wo Class and Kongo) for about 2500 Yen. This makes them about ~833 Yen each and that's a really good price for one alone.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the review. A 360 degree view will come up shortly. Until then, hope you enjoyed the review and have a great day!


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