Recently, I've started to notice that the color on my Mami rubber strap had begun to fade. That would be normal considering everyday wear and tear would eventually cause the color to fade, I'm just glad the magnet piece hasn't fallen off (like it had for a friend of mine). So, just as an insurance policy, I figured I'd try my luck at getting another before they were taken off the store shelves for good.

 As the title suggests, I got very lucky, getting Mami on my second try with Sayaka on the first!

I was quite glad to get Sayaka as well, as I thought her strap looked really cute too! I almost stopped after getting Sayaka, fortunately I didn't.
Initially I was quite bummed out to find out that there was a stain on Sayaka's right arm. Fortunately, it was just a light stain and I was able to wash it off easily. Voila!

Just like Mami's, there's a magnetic piece which is removable and below is Sayaka in a cute blue night gown. So, there we have it, two new rubber straps to the collection and my first Sayaka merchandise.

 That's all for now folks, a new review is coming up shortly. Until then, have a great day everyone!


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