Super Sonico Going Out Time (Vitamin) Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Going Out Time (Vitamin) Version

Hello everyone! Today we have another reviewed ready for you on Tiro Finale and this is going to be a pretty lengthy one judging by the number of pictures. So, let's not waste any time and get right onto some information before jumping straight into the review of this lovely Sonico figurine!

Released in August 2014, this Sonico figurine is one of the many arcade prizes manufactured by FuRyu. Standing roughly 200 mm (7.8 inches) tall, this version is actually a color variant of the original "Going Out Time Version" Sonico figurine which came out earlier in January 2014. As many of you would already know by now, FuRyu does make a good number of Sonico arcade prize figurines and the best part is that they're relatively easy and cheap to procure too! Enough with the info, let's move onto the review.

With such a dynamic pose, there's really no "front" view although, that matters not as Sonico's pose looks really good! On top of that, this Sonico figurine is only standing on one leg yet, it has no problems with balance whatsoever. Top points for the pose then, Sonico genuinely looks like she's ready for the day/night out!

This may just be a simple color variant but, it works really well. The bright choice of colors truly pop out and are really pleasing to look at! My favorite part has to be the light blue heels with the pink soles, they really stand out and catch your attention. So much so that I actually prefer this (Vitamin) color scheme over the original one.

Facial details are good too. The decals for the eyes are well applied and in a matte finish. Although, I do wonder if they're a bit too large? The best part has to be Sonico's smile though, it matches her eyes perfectly and the whole expression definitely suits her character.

Sadly though, Sonico's fringe highlights one of the complaints I have for this figurine that I'll address later on, namely how "clumpy" and thick the tips are.

Her necktie looks great though! Another part I really like about this figurine is the necktie. The way it flows mimicking motion complemented equally by the movement of her hair, really helps give the illusion of motion. Plus, the white polka dots on pink look great too!

There's definitely going on in this picture

Sonico sports a light yellow short sleeved tee with small blue buttons for detailing. By far one of the more conservative outfits that Sonico is used to wearing by now but, still it does a pretty darn good job of emphasizing her bust, intentionally or not. While the faded look may not work for me, I do like the flowing bottom end of the tee. It adds to the whole illusion of motion that the pose has going.

Aside from her tee, Sonico is also wearing a rather short of shorts. No doubt to show off her miles and miles of legs. The polka dot theme is recurring here as well with light blue polka dots at the edge of her shorts. So far then, detailing has been spot on.

Sonico's proportions vary wildly depending on the sculptor. Originally, Sonico is portrayed by her creator, Santa Tsuji, as having quite a bit of meat on her bones. Because of different manufacturers and sculptors though, Sonico's proportions are interpreted differently with many going for the slimmer look. I personally prefer the original which FuRyu has followed quite closely too, evident when looking at Sonico's meatier thighs. This really helps balance out her entire figure and not make her look too "top heavy".

Remember the pink soles on the blue heels that I mentioned earlier? The colors really pop out don't they?

Those are some pretty big pockets

And to top the whole outfit of is a purple handbag and orange bracelets. The orange bracelets are finished with silver buttons that are neatly painted.

Usually with cheaper (this Sonico figure can be gotten for 1000 Yen) figures, there's always some problems with closer placing objects either with paint spilling over or obvious glue marks. But, for the handbag it fits in nicely between her arm and torso. Also, the hand's grip on the bag's strap is also well done with no signs of excessive gap or paint spillage.
That quality control only goes so far though as we move on to the part in which I have a love/hate relationship with. Said part is the hair. On one hand, I really like it for the flowing look which really helps accentuate the pose. On the other, the finish on the hair is quite bad. The color gradient is too sharp and colors are too faded. The surface is clumpy and rough. While the tips of her hair are really thick and rounded. By far, the finish of the hair is the most unsatisfying thing about the figure.

Even with the headphones, head seam is still rather obvious and unsightly. On top of that, the finish for the headphones too are rough and unrefined making the silver paint look very messy.

Such lovely sculpt let down by poor finish. Pity.

Otherwise though, the finish on the rest of the figurine is actually pretty good. For example, there's the faded look around the back pockets and jeans-like texture of the shorts.
The finish or the tee is nice and smooth with a few ruffles here and there to give it the illusion of fabric.
Even the tiny details like the pink bikini strap is painted. You might have trouble spotting it and it sits right next to the neck loop for the tie.

While I may criticize the finish on the headphone, its size is actually just right. Not too big and neither is it too small. Although, it is fairly large by headphones standards.
The floating necktie

Finish aside though, from afar it really does look pretty captivating.

The whole illusion of motion and standing on one leg is quite a sight to behold.
Especially when you take into account how only one foot is planted into the base. Best part is, there isn't any problems with balance either.

For only 1000 Yen, it is really hard to complain about quality. Certain cutback are definitely to be expected and in this case, that would be the finish on the hair. Otherwise, everything is still pretty much good and in order.

Sonico is immediately recognizable
In short, the facial expression is nice; 
 Detailing is presented nicely;

Sculpt and pose is spot on, and;
I can't seem to get enough of the wavy hair;
And the color scheme is really to my liking. While this isn't a perfect figurine, at its price point, it's really hard to not to like it. If you're new to collecting Sonico figurines, I'd recommend this one in a heart beat. Easily found and affordable, you're sure to value this addition to your collection.

Well, that wraps up this review of Super Sonico Going Out Time (Vitamin) version. Maybe I'll go back to Mami figurines in the next one, who knows? Until then, hope you enjoyed reading and have a great weekend!


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