My Phone Strap

What rubber strap do I use for my phone? A Mami one of course! The better question would be, which one? Well, it is the Niitengomu one released sometime late last year (2014) as part of even more merchandise for the Rebellion movie. While rubber straps are pretty commonplace these days in terms of collectibles, this particular Mami one has a little special trick. On first glance, I is Mami wearing a flowy summer dress.

Remove that dress which is held in place cleverly by some magnets and you have an alternate outfit below, in this case what appears to be Mami's nightwear. This applies to the four other magical girls as well hence, making it highly collectible!

Here are the other straps in the series just for reference. Since it is a blind box, there's a fair bit of luck involved. If I'm not mistaken, there's a secret one too. Well, that will be all for today. Thanks for reading!

Until then, have a good day and happy hunting!


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