Tomoe Mami Swimsuit Version Review

 Let's Review: Wave Tomoe Mami Swimsuit Version

It is time again for another Mami figure review! A little late this time as I've been really busy this past weekend but, it is finally here. The long awaited review for the Swimsuit Version of Tomoe Mami. This is a figure that I've had to search high and low for a while now and only recently managed to get my hands on this prized figure. But, enough about that, let's start with some basic information and move on straight to the review.

Starting with height, this 1/8 scale Tomoe Mami figure stands at 205 mm (8 inches) tall and much of that height is attributed to her pose. Just like the popular Beach Queens series that they make, Wave too is responsible for this stunning swimsuit version of Mami. Stunning, I say, not just because of the general quality of the figure but, also because of Mami's figure (no pun intended).

Front View
Just taking a quick glance at Mami, the first thing that comes to mind about this figure, is how "vertical" Mami's pose. Her outstretched arm and slim figure makes her really much taller than she actually is.
Rear View
As a result of this verticality, taking a full body picture of Mami proved to be rather tricky with there being excess blank space on the sides. I chose not to crop it off to help maintain the aspect ratio and keep things, well, in perspective.
Left View
Besides Mami, Homura is the only other Puella Magi in the series to have a 1/8 swimsuit version. Says much about the character's popularity doesn't it?
Right View
But, in Mami's case there's more to it than just popularity as I'm sure you'll find the next few pictures rather self explanatory. 

Without veering too much off course, let's track back onto the review. So, how's the detailing like?
It's good, very good. Starting with the facial expressions, it is unmistakably Mami. Those gentle eyes and that subtle smile are to die fore. Not to mention, the layered effect on her fringe helps accentuate her lovely expression further. Needless to say, the eyes are finished in the trademark Ume Aoki style as they should be.
Even Mami's twin drills are a real treat to look at. Two and a half loops without being to narrow or wide, it is just right! Not only that, there's a layered effect which runs throughout the length of the loops. Simple detailing which does so much, especially when you take your time to admire the details.
There is a notable head seam running across and there's a rather obvious face seam but, all of this somehow don't matter. That's because, most of the time, you're busy spending your time paying attention at all the other bits and bobs.

The proportions are just right too on this figure and this is especially important because Mami is just donning her floral swimsuit. A good example would be her arms, poses like these tend to ruin proportions and make the arms look too long. Not here though.

Speaking of proportions, there's something else which looks lovingly proportionate. The necklace isn't a static piece and can be moved aside;
To reveal Mami's ample cleavage. It is up to you how you'd like to position the necklace but, it isn't removable. I preferred the necklace in the original position, as such it will be like that for the rest of the review.
Am I the only one who thinks they look bigger than usual?

With every Mami figure, the one detail that consistently varies between them is Mami's floral hairpin. You know the one she asks Bebe for in the Rebellion movie. Some are small, some are big. By far though, none are as ornate as this one with a twin floral motif. Another little detail which makes such a big impact when viewed as a whole.

Another little detail I'd like to point out is the ring and her fingernails. Yeap, they're both painted and painted neatly too!
Here's another view of the painted fingernails. Pretty cool isn't it?

By now, I'm sure you've noticed how well detailed are the areas where the joints are. If you haven't, just take a closer look at Mami's elbows and wrist in the picture above.
Then there's the way her arms smoothly transition into her chest, just gotta love that sculpting!
On top of that, there aren't any unsightly glue marks around the bikini or boob seams either. The straps do look rather thick though and there's a reason for that. The straps are molded onto Mami's torso, meaning it can't be casted-off. As a result, the straps are quite thick and do not look as good.
Remember what I said about Mami's figure?
Fortunately, the finish on the swimsuit is top notch! Not only does the floral pattern look nice, Wave also finished it in a nice fabric finish.

A single peg on the clear base mounts into Mami's left foot. Mami isn't too heavy so, a single peg is more than sufficient to hold her up with little to no problems. Unlike the Beach Queens' sand finish base, Wave opted for a simple clear base. I find it a little too plain. At least it does the job well.

The thick straps aren't only on the top but, present at the bottom as well. Perhaps my biggest gripe about this figure, I really wished they could have done a better job with the knots. They aren't only thick, the finish is rather clumpy also.

These thick knots make an otherwise cute swimsuit look rather off especially when the straps leading up them are so much thinner.

Oh, check out the sculpt on Mami's abdomen;
And then her back. Proper impressive stuff isn't it? Everything you come to expect from a Swimsuit Version and Wave didn't disappoint there most importantly.
If you're wondering why this Mami looks so familiar, that's because it was originally a resin garage figure featured in 2011's Wonder Festival by Cherry Blossom. Wave subsequently released the PVC figure version in 2013.
Can you still get your hands on the original resin version? That's unlikely and this is as close as it comes. But, that's not a bad thing from what we've come to see so far.

Here's another closeup shot from a different angle before we end the review. Doesn't Mami look stunning? I sure think so. 

Make no mistake, this is a must have for any Mami fan! It has its little flaws and niggles here and there but, the sculpt and detailing are just too impressive. While it doesn't cost too much, isn't limited and can still be found online if you look, this Mami figure holds a special place in my collection. If you don't already have one, what are you waiting for?

As for the casual Madoka Magica fan, you may not have felt obliged to add this to your collection intially but, I hope this review has convinced you to.

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed the review and have a great day everyone!


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