Surprise, surprise!

Surprise, surprise! Good Smile is re-releasing the Maiko version of Madoka Kaname. This one came as quite the surprise considering Mami, Sayaka and Kyoko have yet to be released (Mami is coming this month). When you think about it though, it really isn't that unexpected considering just how popular the Maiko version of the Magica Quartet are. On top of that, Madoka's Maiko version has been out for close to two years now (September 2013).

Pre-orders are now open till the 26th of May 2015 and release is sometime October this year. Priced at 9333 Yen, it is a bargain considering the current resale value of Madoka is north of 13000 Yen. Rightfully so too as the figure is downright gorgeous. I am by no means a fan of Madoka but, all the Maiko version of the Magica Quartet are properly impressive figures on their own.

If money was no issue, I'd pre-order her on the spot. Then again, 9333 Yen is a huge investment for anything non-Mami related for me. Well, I still have till the 26th of May to deliberate. What about you? Immediate pre-order or are you just gonna let this one slip by again? Let me know what you think.

Until then, have a great day everyone!

All picture credits go to Good Smile Company, additional pictures and information can be found here


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