Nozomi Miko Strap

Just a quick update to Tiro Finale for today. I wanted to share this adorable Nozomi rubber strap that I got sometime back, my first ever Love Live merchandise. Now of course, I have several more with even a Nendoroid in tow.
I really like the simplicity to the whole design, there are other designs which feature the rest of Muse's members dressed as Shrine Maidens too. In my opinion, it works particularly well for Nozomi as she is already one and the charm on the left which says Excellent Luck (大吉) is a nice touch too!
I've yet to remove it from the original packaging. Usually, I only do that when I'm planing to utilize them otherwise, I would just keep it as is. The fear of it fading and getting dusty is what keeps me compelled to ensure it remains sealed. 

That will be all for today. Hope you enjoyed this quick update. Until then, thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing just fine.


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