The Scouting Dilemma

As you can see I'm in a little pickle....
Just to give a little backstory on my situation, any and all of the SR and R cards in my collection originate from events and Friendship Points scouting alone. For all my time with School Idol Festival, I've yet to make a 10+1 scouting for the chance of an SR and UR; a decision many seasoned players recommend you do as quickly as possible to bolster your lineup. This way, getting an S Score in Hard songs becomes significantly easier.

So, why haven't I scouted yet after all my 65 ranks? Long story short, I only want an SR/UR Nozomi. In actuality, there's no reliable way on ensuring you get this short of doing many 10+1 draws. The best way to increase your chances of getting a particular character is to do a limited time scouting during events. Why? Because they tend to follow a particular theme, for example, Lily White, BiBi, Printemps, First, Second or Third Years. 

In my case, I would have to wait for either Lily White or Third Years with a greater preference on the latter. I'm not a big fan of Umi, Rin or Nico but, Eli and Nozomi are my two favorites. Logically then, I should wait for a Third Year limited time scouting, of which I have no idea when it will happen. The last time I saw it was during the Maki Event but then, I was only a new player and hadn't learned the ropes yet. Seeing that today's limited time scouting is Lily White just tempts me to do a 10+1 draw all the more so but, I have to persevere!

As a result, I have 132 Love Gems in reserve waiting for the next Third Year limited time scouting. I can only hope it will come soon. Alright, that pretty much wraps up today's little rant. I really felt that I needed to put this out because I never knew a mobile game could affect my decision making so strongly especially when I'm trying to avoid spending money, for now.

If you've stuck around till the end for this little rant of mine, thanks! Until tomorrow, have a fantastic day everyone!


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