Chiba Days #23 - Surprise~nya!

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another exciting chapter of Chiba Days featuring a story of pleasant surprises. Recently when Takuya came over to Tokyo for a visit, he was kind enough to surprise me with several new additions to my plush collection. And this happened not once but, twice throughout his short trip to Tokyo. 

The first surprise came in the form of a plush Hanekawa and, a few days later, Rin joined the fray too. Needless to say, I had never expected to be in possession of these two felines. While I had expressed interested in getting Rin's pajamas Nesoberi, a Hanekawa plush was as rather far down the list of gifts that I would ever expect to receive.

In fact, this is my first ever solely Hanekawa merchandise with all previous collectibles featuring Hanekawa being a part of a collaboration (usually with Mami). And it is this very plush that I attribute to my sudden urge to collect more Hanekawa merchandise as evident with my sudden impulses at the arcade. Fortunately, I have been able to put those urges to rest for the time being.

Rin, though, is another scenario altogether. Having started with Nozomi then Honoka and, most recently, Eli, I have since developed a real taste for the rare pajamas series of Love Live Mega Jumbo Nesoberi(s). Officially, they are known as the Love Live School Idol Festival Thanksgiving 2016 version Mega Jumbo Nesoberi where each member has outfits based of the game's pajamas series. Hence, the colloquial name, pajamas Nesoberi. 
Since their initial release late last year, interest in these Nesoberi(s) have only continued to grow especially with much of Muse's merchandise having come to a full stop. Problem is, these Nesoberi(s) were not arcade prizes. Rather, they were sold in stores and this meant limited stock and availability. Over time, their prices have continued to soar as readily available stocks begin to dwindle. Even now, each member is selling for an estimated 7,500 Yen/each with the rare 3,500 Yen stock being sold out within the day it is put up on sale. 

Despite all of that, my reason for wanting Rin is a much simpler one. She has a cat-ear hoodie and an incredibly adorable and energetic expression. Above all else, these two new plush toys (Rin and Hanekawa) are ones that I will forever cherish not for reasons of rarity but, because they were gifted to me by a cherished fried. 

With that, my plush toy collection continues to spiral ever so out of control with two new members to the family. As of writing, I am strongly considering getting a pajamas Hanayo to accompany Rin. Whatever will I do? Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead! 


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