Hanekawa's Winter Adventures

Hello everyone and welcome to Tiro Finale for a story about a little stowaway. During my recent trip to Aomori for the Aoki Ume Exhibition, a mischievous little cat decided to sneak its way into my bag and come along for the trip. As we all know, Hanekawa loves to travel and these are the chronicles of her recent winter adventures. 

By the time I had found out about Hanekawa, it was already too late and I had already arrived in Aomori. Because it was snowing outside that morning, Hanekawa insisted she be brought along for the day. While I would have politely declined, I doubt it would have made much of a difference either way.

Seeing all the freshly fallen snow, Hanekawa could not help herself by having a little bit of fun in the snow. Fortunately, I was there to pull her away in time before her uniform was completely covered in snow. 

Throughout the day, wherever I went, Hanekawa was right there with me. On the bridge of the Hakkoda-maru, you bet Hanekawa was there too and she even requested for a picture to be taken. 

Then came meal times where she would conveniently pop out of my bag to make sure she would not be missing out on anything that I was having. It was then I learned that Hanekawa was a big fan of crepes especially if it had bananas and chocolate.

The when dinner came around, Hanekawa's feline tendencies quickly rushed out with her burgeoning interest for fresh seafood. After having hidden away in my backpack for much of the travels, it was clear that Hanekawa had developed a real appetite despite her diminutive size. 

As much fun as we had, it was eventually time for us to say goodbye to Aomori at the end of the two day trip. At the airport, Haneakawa patiently sit awaiting for our turn to board the train. A stowaway she may be but, she certainly did not make any fuss at all throughout the whole trip.

All of this got me thinking, perhaps Hanekawa is not such a bad travel companion after all and that I should bring her onto more trips with me. What do you think? Should Hanekawa be allowed to follow me along for more excursions throughout the country? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Until then, this has been all for Hanekawa's winter adventures and do have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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