The Forgotten Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for a tale of a rather interesting haul post. Believe it or not, these haul of trinkets was one that I had completely forgotten about until the our fellow writer, takuya, asked "Where is my pajamas Dia?". At that moment, I realized somewhere in my room is a stash of trinkets that I had completely forgotten about. Fortunately, after some searching, I finally found my little stash of mostly Mami trinkets at the bottom of a folded paper bag.

Can one Mami-collector ever have to many Mami trinkets? Evidently not as I keep finding ever more to add to the collection. Just when I think that I am on top of my collection game, rare pieces seemingly appear out of the woodwork, luring me towards purchasing it. Case in point, this Madogatari Exhibition magnet featuring both Nadeko and Mami. Being an event exclusive merchandise, this magnet can no longer be found via ordinary means thus, explaining the 600 Yen price tag.

Next, we have something that is not quite as expensive but one that I would consider to be slightly rarer. While I have seen the Madogatari magnets around in stores, this was the first I came across this metal charm of Mami in her casual clothes. 

Next to that, was another metal charm of Mami selling for the exact same 400 Yen price point. They may cost as much as rubber straps twice the size but, having owned one, I can attest that these are indeed very durable making them an ideal companion for keys. Moreover, since I already have most of Mami rubber straps, I figured it was a good time to diversify the collection.

Taking a break from the usual Mami goods, we make a short swerve into KonoSuba and my favorite character from the series, Wiz. Often I am disappointed by the lack of Wiz merchandise, namely in the figure department. So, you can imaging my joy when I found a fairly priced Wiz rubber strap. Now, if only they would release a figure for her already.

The penultimate item from this haul is a solitary pajamas Dia rubber strap. Making the most of my weekly trips to Akiba, takuya has made sure that I keep an eye out for any Dia merchandise of interest as the collection of this favorite school idol gradually grows. With the popularity of the Love Live Sunshine franchise at the moment, these rubber straps certainly fetch a very good price in the market. More so in regards to the gacha-prizes where more popular characters can be sold at a higher price!

Saving the best for last, we have yet another Madogatari event exclusive item and also the most expensive piece of the haul, Mami in Hanekawa's Pajamas which cost a whopping 1,500 Yen! At that price, you would think that even the most seasoned Mami-fan would think twice about getting the acrylic strap. But the combination of Mami in not just Hanekawa's signature pajamas but, her glasses and cat ears as well, make this a very sought after item indeed. I just hope they decide to make a figure of this, however unlikely that may be!

So, there we have it! If you ever wondered what 4,300 Yen worth of trinkets look like, wonder no more! When you put into perspective that such an amount of money can net you 4 prize figures, it truly reminds you how scary this hobby can be at times. Worst still, I even ended up forgetting about them entirely! Let us just hope this never happens again. For now, that will be all for this quick haul update. As usual, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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