Chiba Days #28 - The Dangers of Akiba

Hello everyone and welcome back to another chapter of Chiba Days. Dear readers, have you ever been warned about the dangers of the place known of Akihabara. That is right, one of the most renown otaku havens in the whole world is actually one of the most dangerous places in the world especially if you are a fan of anime or manga. You may be shocked to hear of such allegations regarding a locale in Japan but, read on and you shall find out exactly how this menacing location can ruin you.

Dangers lurks at every corner of every street in Akiba, just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors who are merely to "take in the sights". Before they know it, they have fallen victim to the cruel place known as Akiba. One prime example is a sudden encounter with a Senjougahara plush. If fans of the series are not careful, they may end up being 5,000 Yen (!!) poorer after their faithful meeting with this little monster. 

Not a fan of the Monogatari Series? Do not for a moment think you are safe as the sly dog that is Akiba has its ways around every fan. Worse still, if you are a fan of an ongoing series such as Love Live Sunshine!

Perhaps you think you are fine, having insulated yourself from all of Sunshine's rubber straps but, that is before you realize there is a new version that has just been released. All while you are still mid-season. "Dia and Mari in pajamas, how can this be happening?" you might ask yourself but, I am afraid the horrors are all true. 

Maybe you are someone of culture and demand nothing but the best (girls)? In that case, hold on to your wallets as idol-inflation is about to rob you blind! Pajamas Yoshiko? 900 Yen! Pajamas You? 1,000 Yen! Has the fear of losing your entire livelihood flashed before your eyes already?

Of course, this is still Japan and robbery is not without it civil ways. Sometimes, you are left with only a small amount of your hard earned savings gone. In my experience, this only happens if you take a route lesser traveled by others. Surprisingly, this actually saves you quite a bit. Take Pajamas Mikan Chika for example, she only costs 650 Yen.

But do not for a minute think that the petty thieves of trinkets are the worse of your problems! High rollers are especially vulnerable to be pulled into the premium scale figure trap. Before you know it, 14,000 Yen has just vanished into thin air. But, that's okay because you get a consolatory bonus. Right?

Sometimes in your stroll along Akiba, you might even come across old tricks that you did not think were employed anymore. Such as these No Grade Gunpla. They cost less than a bowl of ramen yet, work as a super effective gateway drug into the never ending pit that is Gunpla collection. You have been warned!

Is that a nail clipper? No, it is a safety nail clipper type nipper! In all honesty, it probably cuts nails too. 

In my experience, the very best way to avoid getting robbed senseless of all your cash is to make a dash for the nearest food and beverage establishment. Such as, the very popular Mr. Donut outlet in Akiba. There, you are safe from all the perils and pitfalls of the Electric Town.

Once there, you can reflect upon your actions and realize, "Oh my word, what have I gotten myself into!?". As perfectly expressed by this Wiz rubber strap which parallels her "astute" business sense with the daylight robbery you have just experienced. 

Phrases like, "What happened?" and "It all went by so quickly" are perfectly normal as you sit, staring, calculating all the damages that has been incurred towards you. You see my fellow readers, this is a cautionary tale told from someone who has experience firsthand the absolute dangers of Akiba. A little over 2,000 Yen just spent on trinkets alone? On the bright side, I am glad they did not manage to make away with more.

That is before we begin to even talk about the Pachinko parlors. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. Am I glad I do not play Pachinko despite Mami's kind words asking me to. So for all those who think themselves brave enough to trial the dangers of Akiba, you have been warned. For those of you who have, how was your experience like? Let me know in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead.


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