Final Call

Hello everyone and welcome to a quick update on Tiro Finale before I return to my home country for the weekend. Before embarking on a several hour flight back home, I decided to make one final trip down to Akihabara to see if there was anything of interest. Of course, I would be bringing a great deal of things back with me particularly all the figures and merchandise from my previous hauls.

This final call was not just relevant for me but, also for our fellow writer, takuya, whom I have been gradually accumulating a great deal of Dia merchandise for. Around this point, I had become somewhat of an expert in Dia merchandise and had purchased almost every worthwhile Dia trinket and accessory a Dia-collector should have. You would almost be forgiven for thinking that I am the fan but, make no mistake, it is all in the art of collecting more knowledge. 

As I looked around the various stores in Akihabara including my recent favorite, Lashinbang, it had slowly become clear to me that there was nothing in particular for me. Especially since much of my collection is focused entirely upon Mami and she has not had many new releases as of late. Just as I was about to take my leave, I spotted this rubber strap of Gudako. What a rare find indeed! But what followed was my reaction to the exorbitant price tag of 1,800 Yen! Believe it or not, this was the most expensive single Fate Series rubber strap on sale. Even more expensive than any other Servant or Master and yet, Gudako does not even have her own anime yet! While I lamented at the general price of Gudako-related merchandise, I remained hopeful knowing that she is still very much relevant in both the market and fandom. One day, that Nendoroid Gudako will be mine.

One thing I often neglect to mention in my many articles about Akihabara is that Lashinbang is probably the best place to get anime-related apparel, clothing and accessories both in terms of price and availability. For example, this Persona 5 knapsack just costs 1,500 Yen. These great deals extend throughout the shop with products ranging from hoodies to tees and so forth. Moreover, this is not limited to the store in Akihabra but, most of Lashinbang's other outlets all around Japan. Now, you know.

While I would have certainly hoped to have stumble upon more treasures, it would appear that my wallet would be spared for this trip. With that, I headed straight back home to complete my final preparations for my flight back. That will be all for this quick update but, if you do have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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