SIF - The Failed Scout

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for a recollection of a most unfortunate event. It has been a while since we featured some School Idol Festival content here on Tiro Finale and, as you probably would have gathered from the title, it is not all smiles this time around. 

Equipped with 1125 Love Gems and 40 Green Scouting Tickets, I was confident that the new UR Ice Cream Nozomi was more than certain to be added into my member collection. After all, with the odds of getting a UR being at 1%, what would the odds of me not getting her? Right? With optimism in tow, I put my best foot forward to get my new UR Nozomi.

First scout and things are off to a pretty good start. An SSR Birth Stone Hanayo and three other SRs including the new SR Ice Cream Kotori. 

Second scout and things and I got the worst possible combination for an 11 scout, just a single SR Eli.

Third scout and this is probably the best scout with 2 SSRs and three other SR including the adorable Eli with her tanuki (racoon). 

Fourth scout and three new SRs, both of which are Kotori. 200 Gems in and hope remains still. 

Fifth scout and things are beginning to look like a broken record with more and more SR Kotori from the new series. 

Sixth scout, 300 Gems in and still no UR in sight. In fact, this one only yielded a single SR Pool Nozomi. At least, I can now Special Practice the two copies together. 

Seventh scout and even more SR Kotori are coming my way. At this point, I am already able to Special Practice her up to unlock all the skill slots. 

Eight scout and another SSR Eli turns up. But at this point, I am already beginning to become very worried. 

Ninth scout and only a single SR Eli appears. 450 Gems through and still no UR to show for it, I now had to make serious deliberations if I wanted to continue further. 

Tenth scout went on with me wanting the new UR Nozomi very badly. Alas, no salvation wa sfound here as only two SRs showed up from this 11 pull.
Eleventh scout and this has become the most number of Gems I have spent in a row at this point. Every other scout is going to be a new record. An SSR Kotori did show up but, it still is not the UR I am looking for. 

Twelfth scout and another one of those dreaded single SR pulls appear. What luck!
Thirteenth scout and at this point I am just pressing "Scout Again" in hopes of striking the heralded red envelope. Nothing to see here, just two SRs.

Fourteenth scout and even more SR Kotori. I guess the SSR Tennis Honoka acts as a consolation of some sort?

Fifteenth scout and I am at the point where I should stop and just cut my losses. With just two SRs to show for this scout, the signs are certainly there that I should stop.

Sixteenth scout and I foolishly believe that there still is hope as my Gem reserve continues to dwindle. At this point, even the SSRs that I receive do not excite me anymore. 

Seventeenth scout brings with it three SRs and they are all the same SR Ice Cream Kotori. Can you believe it?

Eighteenth scout and I ask myself why am I even pursuing this foolish act. Somewhere deep inside me the hope for UR Nozomi still remains and I tell myself it will all be worth it if I even get a single copy of her.

Nineteenth scout and I am greeted with even more SR and SSR. My present box is gradually filling up with a variety of members but, none that I actually really want. 

Twentieth scout and I have officially spent 1000 Gems with nothing to show for it. I guess as some form of consolation, the game has decided to give me two SSRs. But, it still is not what I am here for! With only 112 Gems remaining, I effectively only had enough for two scouts left and needed. Yet, I still needed to save some for the events. If there was anytime to stop for good, this was it.

Twenty first scout and I had not stopped, foolishly pushing my luck for the hope of that 1% trigger. Well, you will not be finding any happy end here as I am down to my final 100 Gems. 

Twenty second scout, 1100 Gems through and the game kicks me down to the ground with a single SR Eli. At this point, I could not continue on any further. My Gem reserve had completely been spent and I had nothing else to show for it. Disappointed and miserable, I went off to bed for the night with utter regret for having wasted a year's worth of savings. 

But was it really all in vain? After putting a lot of thought into it, I finally formulate a new system for scouting in the future where I would limit my spending to 450 Gems for any given UR that I wanted. Nothing more. With a new resolve, I set forth once more to replenish my Gem reserve while waiting for the next big scout. Until the next time, thank you for reading and I wish you all the best for your scouts!


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