Lucky No. 770

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale featuring some long overdue Mami content. This time, featuring my recently received Nendoroid No. 770, Tomoe Mami Maiko Version. First of all, no it is not Halloween and, yes, I am aware that was how long ago this particular Mami Nendoroid was released. Unfortunately, I have been away from home for far too long to have had the time to fully document it.

Being a singular pre-order from Amiami, the figure came in Amiami's standard 80 size box which fits perfectly for single Nendoroid/Figma figures. While it can be a little wasteful in terms of shipping cost to just ship a single Nendoroid, there were no other figures released on the same month that I was interested in. 

When I mention the box being a good fit, I mean it in the exact term. For those of you familiar with Amiami's boxes, the sight of these perfectly aligned cardboard stays should not be a foreign sight. Yet no matter how many times I see it, it never cease to amaze me how such a simple engineering solution can make up for the need to have bubble wrap or stuffing as a form of protection. 

Pop Mami's box out of the Amiami one and you are immediately greeted by your standard mid-sized Nendoroid box with its bright clear window up front. One particular detail I enjoy about this Nendoroid is Mami's Nendoroid number of 770. Easily remembered and memorable with a nice balance to it. While No. 777 would have been even more special, I have no complaints with this nicely rounded figure too. 

One thing that certainly stood out for me the most about the box is the yellow color employed by Good Smile Company for Mami's Maiko version. The yellow color really pops and stand out while contrasting the light pink colors of Mami's kimono and the circle accents of the box. Next to Galko-chan, this has to be one of my favorite color combinations for a Nendoroid box and the fact that the front fascia is white just helps to subdue the otherwise jarring bright yellow were it to be applied throughout the box. 

Being a Nendoroid, one of its main benefits is that various poses and accessories can be implemented due to the semi-movable nature of the figure. This means Mami is able to employ all forms of demure and lady-like poses from the dancing pose she has in the premium scale figure to the bowing one that GSC made for her. If you own older Mami Nendoroid(s), you can even mix and match the accessories and face plates. 

A quick visual inspection through the front window reveals no obvious manufacturing defects. Most importantly, the floral design on Mami's kimono is consistent and the decals applied for her eyes are clean. The next thing I would check is Bebe who has various tiny details all around her outfit too. The adorable Bebe looked almost identical to the scale figure version both in terms of size and pose!

Looking back, I still remember the first time I found out about this Nendoroid during its reveal in Summer WonFes. A new Mami Nendoroid had me so very excited especially since I had been waiting so long for this version to be made. When the announcements for her pre-order finally came, I remembered pre-ordering her the day itself. After all those months and years have passed, the excitement still comes over me when I look at this particular Nendoroid. Now her third Nendoroid variant, here is to hoping there would be more to come in the future. A Nendoroid Holy Mami perhaps?

With that, we come the end of this quick look at the Nendoroid Tomoe Mami Maiko version. Late as I am to the party, I still felt it was important to document this hallmark of a collection in this blog. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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