Changes in Tiro Finale

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for some important news regarding organizational changes in the way we function. Prior to this, Tiro Finale has been a blog focused on delivering daily content updates in relation to anime, games, figures and Japan in general. Over the three years since Tiro Finale's inception, we have seen growth in various areas from the recruitment of new writers, exploring other areas of interest and overhauling the entire sites layout. To think that Tiro Finale would have been able to go so far after having started on a whim, it is something that I would not much believe either.

Over these three years though, our personal workloads have grown immensely too with most of our writers having full time jobs now where we once were students. While it was manageable enough at the beginning, things started to get more and more difficult as professional obligations grew. But that is not to say that we have any intentions of abandoning Tiro Finale in one swift go. No, nothing quite like that.

Instead, we are planning on changing the frequency of publish articles on the blog. In an effort to strike a balance between providing high quality content and work, the difficult decision has been made to change article release to be three times a week. Regular article are planned for every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with irregular updates filling in the days in between. These new changes will begin effective April 2018.

We hope that this new mode of article scheduling would allow us to continue doing what we love and providing the little that we can for the community. For our fellow readers who have stuck with us all this time, we thank you very much for your continued support and hope that you will continue to support us in the days to come too. Until the next time, thank you very much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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