One Piece Store!

Apologies for the truly long delay on the One Piece store post that I promised a while back. I haven't even completed my Japan trip collection of posts but one can argue that I wanted a little privacy for at least the second half of the trip.

But, anyways, on to the One Piece store!

The One Piece store is located at the lobby of Tokyo Tower and serves as one the flagship stores in Japan for One Piece merchandise. Sure, they don't let you buy the whole selection of figures but for other types of goods, it's certainly a great place to roam about.

They sell various items from apparels, to mugs, to pens, to folders....well, you get the point. They sell a big array of things that changes from time to time to reflect the various seasons of the year or the current arc of the manga. They even celebrate birthdays!

The store itself is about the size of a regular, single corner lot store and while the items are abundant, the price point may leave something to be desired. This is to be expected from any sort of merchandise seller and hey, if you're visiting this store as a hyperfan, I'm sure you're prepared to splurge a little.

Also, kudos to snwlprd for snagging all these awesome photos while I was allowed a few hours to peruse at my own time!


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