Something I Cannot Afford

A few days back, Good Smile Company finally opened the pre-order for the long awaited Nendoroid Yamato. Coming with a special sleeve and base if you pre-order from GSC, Yamato would be released September this year (2015). The price of it all? A staggering 7,222 Yen. Many would consider that fair when you take into account the sheer size of Yamato and the amount of goodies she comes with.
Nevertheless, 7000+ Yen for a deformed figure? While, I have no doubt about the quality of GSC's products, that price made me think twice, thrice and a little bit more after that.
Make no mistake, I have been looking forth to pre-ordering Nendoroid Yamato for a while now ever since it was revealed in WonFest this year. After all, Yamato is one of my favorite Fleet Girls in Kancolle and perhaps, one of my favorite WW2 ships.

Seeing the whole scale of it all as well, I most certainly expected it to be a pricier than usual Nendoroid. I figured somewhere in the ballpark of 5000-6000 Yen. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong.

Even with such a steep price, people are rushing to snap it up on pre-order especially the GSC version with the much sought after pre-order bonuses. I wouldn't be surprised if Yamato is delayed by a month or two due to overwhelming demand. Not only that, I'm sure this is one Nendoroid where the resale value is bound to skyrocket. If Nendoroid Kongou can be found today for as much as three times the original value, guess how much Yamato would be? An investment? Quite possibly.

Let's not detract from the figure itself of course, Nendoroid Yamato is perhaps one of the most ambitious Nendoroid GSC has made and without a doubt the largest too. I mean, just look at it. Take a step back and looking from an outsider's point of view, that is a lot of stuff for one deformed figure. It just goes to show how far they have come after making more than 500 of these things as well as the humongous fan base that it has.
Speaking of a lot of stuff, it even comes with a bottle of Ramune and plate of Omu-rice. How awesome is that?
Figure collecting is an expensive hobby and that's pretty much stating the obvious. I want Nendoroid Yamato but, at the same time, I'm not willing to spend so much on it. Priorities are priorities and for now, Mami always comes first. That and the fact that I'm still waiting on Nendoroid Nozomi and Atago (fingers crossed they produce her).

Until then, thanks for reading my little rant and have a fantastic day everyone!

P.S. All photo credits go to Good Smile Company and do check out their promotional site for Yamato right here


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