Super Sonico Winter Version Review

Let's Review: Super Sonico Winter Version

It's time again for another review and this time we have, the much delayed, Super Sonico Winter Version. I've had this Sonico figure for about 2-3 months now and only now am I finally putting out a review on it. 

Without further ado, let's go through some basic information before jumping right into the review. For starters, this arcade prize Sonico figure was released by Taito in late November 2014. Just like almost every other arcade prize, this Sonico is available for sale outside the arcades too, whether it is your local hobby store or an online retailer. Best part is, they're relatively affordable too and, unlike arcade prizes, this one is pretty well made. In terms of height, Sonico stands roughly 200 mm (7.8 inches) tall so, it is a pretty sizable figure indeed. With that aside, let's move onto the review!

Front View
Aside from the scarf and boots, I'm not sure why Taito decided to call it the Winter version? Sporting just a bikini and an unzipped miniskirt, I'm sure even Sonico-chan knows that is in no way suitable winter wear. Perhaps it has to do with the release date?
Rear View
The back end has to be one of my favorite parts and before you say anything, it isn't what you think it is. What I'm referring to is Sonico's hair, the way it flows and interlaces so intricately looks amazing! Almost like the Going Out Version Sonico by FuRyu although, I'd say this tops it.

In terms of details, it would be hard to identify this as a arcade prize figure from just a glance. The detailing, while not spectacular, is actually pretty good as you'll see in the following pictures.

Facial details wise, Taito has decided to go with the look based on the anime. It is a known fact that Sonico's facial design and body proportions vary by figure according to the sculpture but, I'm really glad Taito chose the anime-look. That's because Sonico looks so cute! The way her fringe wraps around her face compliments the whole look too.

Sonico's bikini is struggling to contain her overeager bust and it's a real contrast between such a skimpy outfit and her cute "innocent" face. Usually, I'm not a big fan of Nico-chan in skimpy outfits but, I'll make an exception for this.
The problem with having such a big bust and a skimpy outfit? Continuity. Short of making it cast off, there's always going to be problems whenever an outfit such as a bikini is involved. From the side, it looks as if her bikini is cutting into her chest and the back strap becomes painfully obvious and wide as it merges with her back. 

Still, there is that wonderfully sculpted flowing hair. In case you're wondering, yes the bikini bottom is continuous under her skirt. No, the skirt isn't removable and, no, it is just something plain so I am not going to bother photographing it.
Besides the back strap which I mentioned earlier, the armband too looks like is is cutting into her. Just a minor matter which is otherwise, unnoticeable.
The sculpt for this time features a slightly pudgier Sonico and, personally, I like it very much compared to the slimmer looking Sonico sculpts. Why? Because that sticks closer to the original designs.

And yes, there's plenty of underboob going on for all your underboob fans out there. I can't consider myself one and I'm just so glad there isn't any noticeable boob seams. You know me and my dislike for any manufacturing seams .

A very short skirt, legs, boots and that's pretty much it. The sculpting and shading on Sonico's legs are not bad but, the boots are definitely the best! I'll go into more detail into that and the base further down the review.
How do you know the skirt is unzipped and that it isn't just part of the design? Well, there's the meticulously painted silver zipper. Pretty neat stuff huh?
Aside from the zipper, other little details like the belt loops and pockets are there too which really helps add dimension to the little piece. On a side note, I don't know about you but, I'm a fan of those furry little balls at the end of those knots.
Mine has slight scuff on the fringe which has caused the paint to scrape off. Hopefully the one you have or get doesn't have the same fate.
Here's another closeup on Sonico's lovely smile. Plus, a row of teeth showing too! Now that's something you don't see everyday.

Two words. Ample cleavage. No, make that three. Very ample cleavage.

When you have a character with pink hair, finding a color scheme that works can be pretty tricky. Fortunately, Taito worked it out nicely and the light blue scarf perfectly compliments the whole look. Besides that, it also matches well with the short skirt which too has a mix of white in it.

Aside from being a nice shade of blue, the scarf is nicely sculpted too with both ends flowing in the same direction almost as if there's a wind blowing it.
The edges of the hair may not be as sharp as I'd like them to be but, all is forgiven with that sculpt and flow.
Take a step back and you'll notice that all these little details work well together.
What would Sonico be without her signature headphones? Many a times, cheaper Sonico figurines give this department a skip and the end product tends to look rather messy. Not here though, as these headphones are well painted and detailed.

No doubt the silver could have a better finish but, at least the finish isn't rough. Another good function of headphones? They help cover up the nasty head seams which are virtually non-existent here.

Other little details are taken into account too such as, Sonico's fingernails which are painted on both hands!

These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do.

Seriously though, the boots are really nice. They're finished in matte brown and toned accordingly. Nice to see that Taito didn't neglect this department. A plain white base is what you'd mostly come to expect with arcade prizes these days, a cost saving practice.

Sonico mounts to the base via two pegs, one for each leg. They're a little bit of a tight fit and some degree of stretching is required initially to spread Sonico's legs so that they align with the pegs. When they do fit though, it fits nicely and is very sturdy.

Oh, yeah! Those headphones could be counted as winter wear too, sorta like ear warmers. Although, Sonico is never seen without them so, I guess that doesn't really count.
I've always been rather forgiving of arcade prize figures, because of their inherent "cheap" value they don't tend to be the highest quality figures around. Taito arcade prize figures too often have details and quality which leave much to be desired. That's not the case for this Sonico figure though. Aside from a few inherent sculpt choices (e.g. the back strap), everything else is surprisingly satisfactory. Most of all, Sonico looks really cute which, in itself, lends a lot in adding character to the figurine.

While they're still affordable and available, I'd recommend you get your hands on this Sonico Winter Version because who knows how much longer she'll be available.

That's all for this week's review and I hope you've enjoyed reading it! Until then, have a great weekend everybody!

Bonus Image:

Pervert Shot


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