Tomoe Mami Bath Towel Version Box Art (100th Post!)

Ah! I haven't been posting in a while. The reason for that is equal parts lazy and busy. Either way, I'm back now and I have something very special for Tiro Finale's 100th post! It is the box for one of the biggest gems of my collection, Tomoe Mami Bath Towel Version. For those of you who follow Tiro Finale will now that I go this a couple of months back but, have held back from opening it just yet. Now though, I'm planning on a review. Before that, a quick look at the box!

As you can see from the front, it has a small window which shows Mami-chan. The surrounding squares look like bath tiles fitting the whole Bath Towel theme.

From the sides, there's another window although this one doesn't show as much. There is a full body shot of Mami, helps to know what to expect if the front window wasn't enough info.
The back is the usual warnings, labels and a nice front and back view of Mami. One thing to point is the 15+ warning which are plastered over multiple locations. First Madoka Magica figure to carry this warning?
Over on the other side, there's another larger shot of Mami. As you've most probably realized by now, Mami's pictures are plastered all over the box.
Then, a quick look from the top which also nicely includes a window as well. For those of you who are wondering why this Mami figure isn't in stores, that's because it is an Aniplex exclusive which was initially launched in WonFest 2015 and will soon be available for those who pre-order via Aniplex.

Finally, there's the view from the bottom of the box which actually isn't blank, close though.

The Bath Towel version Mami is no doubt one of the crown jewels of my collection. Price is definitely a factor with this being my second most expensive Mami figure after the Maiko version. But, there's also the rarity factor especially considering this is the WonFest edition which comes with the bath salts. While it did cost a lot for what's a relatively simple figure of a really short scene, I still absolutely love it and can't wait to review it!

Until then, hope you look forward to the review and have a great day everyone!


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