Winter Sonico Box

Front View
Eager to put up a new section besides just the usual reviews and 360 views, I thought of putting up a new section which I have never covered before. Hence, I came up with the idea to post pictures of the box/packaging as a preview to the review.

Looking back at my content, I realized that earlier I had posted a preview for Super Sonico's Winter Version figurine but, never got around to reviewing it just yet. Perfect candidate then for my first box shoot!

On one side, there's pictures of the figure at various other angles including the obligatory warnings and trademarks. Arcade prize boxed tend to be thick to increase their weight and make them harder to move but, this box is rather thin. I suppose the cardboard and Sonico figure inside weigh enough already.

Move over to the other side panel of the box, and there are even more pictures of Sonico. Notice the little cut-out on the top end of the box? Well, since this is an arcade prize, that little compartment can be opened to make it part of the game's objective. For example, picking the box up with a manipulator arm.

Move towards the back and you'll notice it is exactly identical to the front. Again, a feature of arcade prizes as this makes it easier to orientate the box.

Well, that's all for now. The weekend is coming and hopefully by then, the review for Sonico would be up by then. Until then, work hard and have a great day everyone!


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