Chiba Days #8 - Braving the Storm

 Hello everyone and welcome to a quick weather update on Tiro Finale. Over the weekend and Monday, Typhoon Lan ceremoniously passed over Japan bringing with it plenty of wind and rainfall. Categorized as a Category 4 super typhoon, the storm hit landfall earlier in the weekend and arrived in Tokyo on early Monday morning. Even before its arrival, Japan had been experiencing record levels of rainfall three whole days before the typhoons arrival. 

Fortunately, Typhoon Lan was a fast moving storm quickly covering ground over Japan as it made its way northwards into the Pacific Ocean. By midday, the skies around the vicinity of Chiba had pretty much cleared up with the only remnants of the typhoon being strong winds. 

The night before the typhoon was scheduled to hit Tokyo, the roads surrounding my apartment were almost empty with many opting to stay at home and wait out the storm. The following day with the weather having cleared up significantly, there was signs of increased traffic especially on the main roads. This was still less than the usual traffic volume as wind speeds were still relatively high which would serve as a driving hazard even in dry weather. 

The week long rain showers might have finally passed paving the way for clear skies but, the winds were still very much in full force. It was not just trees and umbrellas which were flailing helplessly in the wind but, the very clouds themselves which moved visibly over the skies of Chiba. 

For the first time in a week, we were finally treated to the sight of the clear blue sky. By midday, the afternoon sun was shining brightly through the clouds with an ambient temperature of 21 Celsius. In the past two weeks, this has certainly been the best weather Chiba has ever had. Typhoon Lan may have been my very first typhoon experience in Japan and one that I would not be forgetting anytime soon.

With that, the weather in Chiba has finally cleared up for the persistent rainfall which means I will be able to go around and about once more. Until the next time, thank you very much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


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