Nesoberi Tanya Degurechaff Review: Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome back for another Nesoberi review on Tiro Finale! Today, we will be taking a look at Sega's Nesoberi Tanya Degurechaff in this three part review where we will cover each of the three designs individually. In no particular order, let us start of this trilogy with the one I dub the "normal" Tanya. 

Before there was the Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Tanya, Sega first made three versions of Tanya in the normal Nesoberi size. With all the media exposure on Jumbo and Mega Jumbo Nesoberi(s), the original small Nesoberi(s) hardly get any spotlight at all. But, this is indeed where the Nesoberi collection of stuff toys originated from; as small character-based stuff toys that can be hung up. Over time, the collection grew in size till it hit the almost ridiculous sizes that we are used to these days.

These small "hanged-up" plush toys measure approximately 16 cm from end to end making these the smallest Nesoberi plush toys. The keychain mascot Nesoberi may be smaller but, those are solid PVC figures as compared to these miniature stuff toys. 

Admittedly, I first found out about Sega's Nesoberi series from their eye-catching Mega Jumbo Nesoberi lineup of plush toys. Eventually, I learned about the various sizes of Nesoberi available from the diminutive keychain mascots all the way to the gigantic Hyper Jumbo Nesoberi. Nevertheless, I often dismissed the original, smaller sized Nesoberi due to their smaller size and, my perceived, lack of detail.

Clearly, that is not the case, as observed with this close-up shot of Tanya's facial details. The details, especially in the eyes, come very close to the level seen in the Mega Jumbo Nesoberi with the exception of the stitching. Even then, the stitching is hardly visible at an arm's length.

The similarities between this and the Mega Jumbo sized Tanya pretty much stop at the eyes, as the detailing for her hair and outfit follow a different design. As a homage to the source material, Tanya's hair is still indeed pretty wild but, noticeably different from the Mega Jumbo version. While I do not like to constantly compare the two, it does form an interesting perspective in the design changes Sega opted for when scaling up their Nesoberi.

Some design cues work while, others do not with size making up a big part of this factor. Take for example, the elastic strap that all Nesoberi come with, Tanya included. These straps allow you to hang up your beloved plush toy be it, on a bag, in a car or from a hook. The choice is ultimately up to the user. But, such a feature, would not be practically viable in a plush toy the size of the Mega Jumbo Nesoberi. 

Then, there is Tanya's pony tail which is comically oversized in Nesoberi form. While exaggerated, this certainly works and even serves to emphasize the chibi proportions of the character. But when scaled up to something as large as a Mega Jumbo Nesoberi, such a large ponytail would look rather off putting. 

Still dressed in green, Tanya has her military uniform on for her "normal" expression Nesoberi. The outfit itself is split into three distinct parts, shirt, pants and belt. All three parts use the same material which share very similar qualities to the fabric used for the hair. 

The plush itself may have scaled down but, not the tag. The tags remain large as ever but, void of much detail aside from the Youjo Senki/Saga of Tanya the Evil logo. 

Despite her small size, Sega has included a good amount of detail into Tanya's military outfit. These include the red highlights on her sleeves and collars. She may not be sporting any badges denoting her rank and achievements but, the Elinium Type 95 gem hints at Tanya's military progress.

Coming into the review, I was not expecting much from the normal sized Nesoberi Tanya largely due to her size or lack thereof. Nevertheless, throughout the review, I have been consistently impressed with the little details that Sega has put in from Tanya's shoulder pads to the demarcation between her sleeves and hands.

While I would not ordinarily recommend normal sized Nesoberi(s) as they are often priced closely to the larger Mega Jumbo Nesoberi, I am slowly coming around to seeing the charm of these little creatures. For now, this concludes the first part of our Nesoberi Tanya Degurechaff review with another two more parts to go. 

With differing designs and outfits, maybe then I will learn to appreciate the original Nesoberi series for what it is? In the meantime, if you have any questions about Part 1, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Until the next time, thank you so much for reading and have yourself a wonderful day ahead!


  1. Ow! the details are absolutely cute, thanks for the reviews. I'm planning to buy one of the normal size plush and the jumbo one too!

    1. Thanks for reading. :)
      Yes, you should definitely get them especially while their prices are still low and stocks are still plentiful. All the best with your collection!


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