Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Dia Kurosawa Review

The Mega Jumbo Nesoberi Dia Kurosawa is well, huge. Measuring at 40cm in length, she’s as big as some of the other giant nesoberis we have here at Tiro Finale. Dia Kurosawa is of course, a character from Love Live Sunshine and happens to be a pet peeve of mine. Why do I say it like that? It’s because I’m not really into Love Live. I tried watching the first series but never got into it. But when I happened upon the character art for Dia when they were first announcing Sunshine’s lineup, I was smitten. I decided to watch Sunshine just for Dia and while I still don’t prefer Love Live, Dia is still a character I like.

And thus, we reach this review.

Nesoberi Dia shares many similar and recurring elements of Japanese collectible plushies; felt hair, cheap outfits, and the way they always look so damn huggable.

Dia looks pretty much like she does aside from the usual deformities of the Nesoberi variety. The only thing that is lacking is probably her eyes. One of Dia’s distinctive traits is her small eyes. She has almond shaped eyes (which is a politically correct way for saying Asian eyes) that are most definitely different from all the other typical anime-esque eyes of all the other characters. I can say that that’s the first thing that drew me to the character. However, nesoberis have distinct traits too which includes either giant white eyes or giant black slits. Oh, and big pink blushes.

From the side, you have Dia's hairclips (it's the same on both sides) and you can tell that she seems to be outgrowing her uniform. I was told that Mega Jumbo nesoberis shouldn't grow anymore but Nesoberi Nero is evidence against that. I don't recall ever feeding Dia anything but she is strangely playful with imouto Shinobu.


The texture for her skin is very soft to the touch

But I can't say the same thing for her outfit.
They have some nice touches like the clip on the tie but in terms of quality....
I can't say it's very well done. It also catches a lot of static if you move it too much.

For example: when moving the shirt for the money shot

The second money shot
That's really it from me for Nesoberi Dia. I understand that my posts are a little shorter in comparison to others but there's only so much I can talk about with regards to a plush. They're cute, they're huggable and they all wear underwear.


There's a nesoberi of Aqua out there.....

I wonder....

Until next time!
P.S. I apologise for the formatting issues. There are some issues we're dealing with from the publishing side of things and so, this should just be a temporary problem.


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