My Favourite Idolmaster Songs

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Since I've now completed both Idolmaster animes, I reckon it's about time I made an article featuring my favourite songs of the series! (Only those featured in the anime)

This, however, may not amount to much because I'm not a music kind of person to begin with. Anime music is cool and all but much like other types of music, I usually just like the catchy or unique ones. I enjoyed a lot of shonen anime OPs back in the day but nowadays, I always just list to an OP or ED once and skip it thereafter.

With that being said, The Idolmaster is chock-full of songs so I'm bound to like some eventually. And the ones I like, I really like. So, enjoy the gallery below for the list of songs I enjoy from The Idolmaster!

1) Onegai! Cinderella

This song got me the first time I heard it and I still play it every now and again. It's a very girly song sure and there's too many singers but the song's tune and the whole Cinderella aspect makes it, for a lack of a better word, magical. I also happen to enjoy the music video quite a bit, especially the part where they all transform into Cinderellas adorning their regal dresses. Uzuki tucking her leg back as the glass slippers magically form on her feet is a fantastic way to start the whole sequence.

2) Change!!!!

This is the second OP for the original Idolmaster. All the other OPs, even that of Cinderella Girls, are catchy ("Are you ready, I'm a lady" is far catchier than you think) but I just feel that Change!!!! is a little more weighted with a better music video in my opinion. I guess I'm a sucker for colour coded, character introductions and playful running sequences (One Piece anyone?).

3) Aoi Tori

This is a Chihaya solo that she sings a few times in the show but most prominently during the ending sequence of one of the episodes. Asami Imai is an incredible singer and in the show, Chihaya is 765 Pro's best singer and the one with the most natural talent. She's not even an idol at this point; she's a songstress. The way she plays with her voice is incredible and hooked me when I first heard it.

4) Yakusoku

This is technically another Chihaya solo but the group sings the first portion in the anime. This song partly hits harder because of Chihaya's story arc and in the above video, you can even how she hits the climax with a face full of joy. It's a fantastic scene and again, her voice just carries through the whole way.

5) Nemurihime

Ok, I swear, this is the last Chihaya solo song on this list. What can I say? She's a wonderful songstress with great songs. The video I linked above only contains a portion of the song but I think the video itself has a unique impact of its own on selling the song. The whole A capella bit at the start works so well for the song, especially for the way the song's tune flows at the start. But of course, you can find the full song somewhere on YouTube.

6) Watashi-tachi wa Zutto...Desho? (We're Forever, Right?)

A perfect song for the finale event. It encompasses the entire journey and man is it super catchy. DESHOU! I also think the music video is a great way to end it. When they're all just up on the tree enjoying themselves, it's a really heartwarming scene.

And.....that's it!

That's the song gallery for all the songs that I do remember anyway. There are a whole lot of other great songs! I only included one Cinderella Girls song but how about the songs featured in Cinderella Girls Theater? They're great too! Perhaps I should make a second list in the future....

The bonus song:

It is as the description says. It is like finding gold.


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