Kekkai Sensen S2

Kekkai Sensen also known as Blood Blockade Battlefront is a manga about Leonardo Watch, a boy who possesses the 'All Seeing Eyes of the Gods' and depicts his adventures within the organisation known as Libra in the city of Hellsalem's Lot. If you don't get what this is about, just imagine Men In Black, the anime. That's what this translates to.

I watched the first season of the anime a little after it came out in 2015 and while I watched it to the end, I never thought it amounted to anything spectacular. The fights were OK, the animation was decent and the characters were acceptable to a certain extent. What really stuck with me though, was the music. The show had some spectacular jazz with one heck of a great ending theme. You've probably seen it; not as a song, as a meme. Everyone was so impressed by the outro that they redid their own versions with various other franchises like Pokemon or Hero Academia.

Season 2 started airing a couple of weeks ago and much like the first season, the jazz is retained along with the whole mysterious, alien adventure a la Men In Black. This time around, the animation quality seemed as though it made quite a jump (I can't recall Season 1 but it looks that way to me) and the show's focus is jumping away from Leo. We've gotten enough Leo in S1 and the company knows it. Last week's episode threw some limelight onto Steven that really added so much character to both the world and, well, the character.

They've also started to expand the lore. Previously, Hellsalem's Lot was only stated to be a melting pot of races and species and everything that happens happens over there. With this season, we're seeing more involvement with politics, the supernatural and the fact that the cast is, indeed, a multiracial cast. Multispecies too.

It's pretty early into the season but I wanted to get it out there. Especially because next week's episode is focused on my favourite character of the series.


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